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Hey y’all, I’m Heather. I'm Junior Assistant Editor with Space Coast Magazine, I blog (duh), and I write snippets of poetry and song lyrics constantly (usually in my head while I’m driving), yet it’s taken me a week to get this far in my writer bio. I’m a born planner, always dreaming up plant-centric recipes, sketching schedules, and brainstorming how to make things more sustainable. I love ballet and classical piano, but I’ll just as easily headbang to The Ramones. I whole-heartedly embrace my nerdiness and have memorized most of The Lord of the Rings.

Buy my ebook.  It's painful because I wrote it in sixth grade, but buy it anyways.  Go to my bl- wait.

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  1. Wait no you're not married to Legolas yet, you're still engaged. You're getting married in the summer. I'm gonna be a bridesmaid, just in case anyone was wondering ^_^


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