Making Every Single ICE CREAM in Our Favorite Cookbook - The Chocolate Snowball Ice Creams and Sorbets

My favorite cookbook right now is The Chocolate Snowball by Letty Flatt. It's the cookbook for the Deer Valley ski resort. My family and I have visited friends up in Deer Valley every year for as long as I can remember, and the ski slopes and cozy lodges warm my heart in a special way that Deer Valley's food has a knack for evoking. The hot fudge sauce from The Chocolate Snowball has never not improved my day by 150%. Every time my mom and I made the sauce, we would flip through the rest of the pages and sigh, "I want to make that" about every single recipe. 

Finally, we decided, let's do it. Let's make every single recipe in The Chocolate Snowball.

We just finished making every ice cream and sorbet. Here's what I thought.

A few notes before we get cream-ing:
  • Although the recipes are easy to follow, there aren't a lot of pictures of the final products, so we had a lot of, "Um... is this right?" moments. My hope is that this can be a visual guide to the recipes in The Chocolate Snowball. For some of them, that is. For some of the recipes I went full-on foodstyler, but for some of them I snapped low-quality photos as an afterthought as I sat down to feast. And some I forgot altogether. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • We've already made all the "Breakfast Delights," "Daily Breads," and "Cookies and Bars": 
    Click here for reviews and photos of all the Breakfasts!  
    Click here for reviews and photos of all the Breads!
    Click here for reviews and photos of all the Cookies!
  • My mom can't eat dairy, so we learned how to make the ice creams dairy-free by substituting coconut milk for whole milk and coconut cream for heavy cream.
  • I've marked vegan or veganized recipes with (V). 
  • I've marked a few favorites with *. It was hard to pick just a few favorites.

Mocha Chip Ice Cream Pie
We made this last year around the time when I had my remote college orientation (it's as wack as it sounds), and one night there was a Zoom movie night for incoming students. I thought it would be cool to watch a movie while chatting online with other new kids, but nope, we kept our cameras and mics off so I basically just sat in my room watching A Quiet Place by myself- well, myself and a big ol' hunk of Mocha Chip Ice Cream Pie.
Dairy-free: We subbed Earth Balance vegan butter substitute for butter, and we used Talenti Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Sorbetto for the ice cream.

Cranberry Cassis Sorbet (V)
I was expecting the cranberries to make a bitingly sour sorbet, but it turned out sweet and elegant. It's hard not to feel cheerful when you're eating something pink! A scoop of this sorbet brightened up a rich dessert (see here with chocolate-filled cupcakes + a bunch of leftover melted chocolate). As with the other two sorbets, I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth, creamy- not icy- texture.
With a doctored Chocolate Cherry Cupcake- for a later post. The camera flash makes all this chocolate carnage look unappealing. I promise it was yummy. 

Blood Orange Sorbet (V)
I was amazed at how little added sugar most of the ice creams in this book had, and the Blood Orange Sorbet was no exception- with just a half cup of sugar added to the whole batch, it was mostly sweetened by fresh-squeezed orange juice, which of course tasted great. Somehow I didn't get any photos of this one, but it was a beauty!

Pear Ginger Sorbet*
Pears and ginger are already two of my favorite foods, so this sorbet was destined for success. I love the sparkle ginger adds to any dish, sweet or savory; in sorbet form, it is soothing.
with Stein's Favorite Marzipan Cake- again, for a later post

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
This one I made with dairy. The same, or similar, custard recipe is used throughout the rest of the ice creams, and since I was inexperienced in custard I didn't cook it long enough, resulting in an ice cream that was more ice than cream. Still, the vanilla flavor was lovely. After that, I learned to cook it long enough for it to coat the back of the spoon. 
Another thing we learned about making ice cream from custard: These recipes say to heat the milk almost to a boil in one saucepan, whisk it into the eggs, then transfer all of that to a clean saucepan. We found that we could just transfer the milk-egg mixture to the same saucepan in which we heated the milk, thus avoiding having to wash a pan. Maybe a true culinarian would faint at the idea, but it worked for us.
First time making the custard

With hot fudge sauce

With black forest cake- later post

Tangerine Dream Ice Cream
We couldn't find tangerines, so we used mandarin oranges. This yummy, tangy dessert was especially delicious when ornamented with a touch of chocolate- hot fudge sauce, or a chocolate candy like below. At 19 years old I finally learned how to peel an orange and eat the sections (idk why, but we never ate oranges at home growing up) so I've been snacking on the remaining mandarins in the pack ever since. 
Dairy-free: Substitute full-fat unsweetened coconut milk for whole milk.
With fresh homegrown mango and a coconut chocolate

Cinnamon Ice Cream
We made this to go inside Chocolate Crepes (that's from another section of the book, for another post) and it was fantastic. The cinnamon was subtle, elegant, and smooth. I guess you can't really see it inside the crepes in this photo unless you have x-ray vision, but trust that it's there.
Dairy-free: We substituted full-fat unsweetened coconut milk for whole milk and coconut cream for heavy cream.

Chocolate Spice Ice Cream
Call me an ice cream snob- Although I love chocolate, I'm bored with plain chocolate ice cream and I don't like most of the normal additions, like nuts or chocolate chips, because I don't want hard bits in my ice cream. This ice cream saved the day- the addition of a tiny amount of cinnamon and nutmeg added a new layer of intrigue. Absolutely delicious. This was worth the extra work and dishes to prepare the chocolate custard because it gave the ice cream a rich, thick texture instead of the grainy or dusty mouthfeel that homemade chocolate ice creams sometimes take on. 
Dairy-free: We substituted full-fat unsweetened coconut milk for whole milk and coconut cream for heavy cream.
The smooothness of that scoop 10/10

Kahlúa Milk Chocolate Ice Cream
The milk chocolate with the coffee liqueur added to our coconut milk custard base plus fresh homegrown mango made for a sumptuous tropical dessert. Like the chocolate spice ice cream, this was a creative twist on chocolate ice cream that made it exciting and memorable.
Dairy-free: We substituted full-fat unsweetened coconut milk for whole milk and coconut cream for heavy cream.
With fresh homegrown mango and one of my mom's signature chocolate chip cookies

Blackberry Ice Cream
I am obsessed with the color of this ice cream! I mean, just look at it! Besides color, the tangy sweetness of tons and tons of fresh ripe blackberries added to orange juice was irresistible. With the help of a strainer and a food mill, we managed to eliminate almost all the blackberry seeds from our custard.
Dairy-free: We substituted full-fat unsweetened coconut milk for whole milk and coconut cream for heavy cream.

Kadota Fig Ice Cream
For whatever reason, we couldn't get the fig custard smooth in the food processor, so our ice cream was riddled with lumps of figs. As a result, the ice cream scooped in hard chunks. I'm not wild about dried figs, nor rum, which was a big part of the flavor, so this wasn't my favorite ice cream, but the rest of my family liked it.
Dairy-free: We substituted full-fat unsweetened coconut milk for whole milk and coconut cream for heavy cream.
The ice cream is in the bottom right corner here. With Apple Phyllo Bundles- for a much, much later post

Julie's Caramel Ice Cream
Most caramel ice creams are overwhelmingly sweet, but this one used very little sugar and corn syrup, so we could really taste the caramelized flavor instead of just the sugar. I was worried I burned the caramel, but it turned out just fine. With the coconut base, it reminded me of this bar I found years ago in the checkout aisle of a Hispanic grocery store, sweetened shredded coconut packed into a brick so chewy I thought my jaw would break- I've never found it again and I think it was intended to be cooked with, not munched like a candy bar, but it sure was yummy.
Dairy-free: We substituted full-fat unsweetened coconut milk for whole milk and coconut cream for heavy cream.

Maple Walnut Ice Cream*
I never would have thought to do ice cream like this: first, to make nut brittle with maple syrup, then, to puree it into the ice cream. The resulting flavor is unique and joy-inducing. Between three people, the ice cream was gone within 24 hours. If we make it again, we would make extra brittle to add a little piece on top of each serving. We were out of vanilla beans, so we used half a teaspoon of vanilla extract in place of half a vanilla bean and the vanilla flavor was still excellent.
Dairy-free: We substituted full-fat unsweetened coconut milk for whole milk and coconut cream for heavy cream.

Which section should we finish next? Cakes? Or pies? Tell me what you think in the comments below or via email, Instagram, or Facebook! You can also use these channels to ask me about ice creams/sorbet-making. I'd be happy to answer- and sample your concoctions. :)


Heather <3

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