I Tried All 5 Bars in Ethique's Hair Care Sampler. Here's What I Thought

I was gifted this Ethique hair care sampler and I just finished using all 5 mini bars. Here's what I thought.

What is Ethique?

First of all, they're not paying me for this. They've probably never even heard of me, so you know I'm being totally honest.

Ethique's mission is to end the plastic bottle. This is the future, my friends: plastic-free bar cosmetics, pet soaps, and household cleaners. All Ethique packaging, even the tape sealing the box closed, is compostable. They're a certified B-corp, meaning they meet standards of social and environmental responsibility, and their products are cruelty-free with sustainable ingredients.

For Christmas, my sister gave me an Ethique hair care sampler containing 2 bar conditioners and 3 bar shampoos (thanks Rachel :) ). A common concern is that bar shampoo and conditioner don't work as well as liquid; I used each bar separately, so I could tell how they affected my hair and report back to you.

Overall thoughts

  • I have thick, fine, straight hair that is exposed to salt water, chlorine, and/or hairspray almost daily. My skin is oily, which sometimes makes my hair oily. Your hair is different than mine, so the bars might not work the same on your hair as they did on mine.
  • The bars smell so so so good.
  • The packaging recommends sliding the bar through your hair 4-5 times for conditioner, or just "several times" for shampoo; I found that my hair needed twice to three times as much.
  • Each mini bar was about the third of the size of the normal bar and lasted me three to four weeks. Keep your bar somewhere dry when not in use and it will last longer.

Bar Reviews

Wonderbar solid conditioner
for oily to normal hair
I use conditioner every night- if I don't, my hair becomes a tangled mess. After using this for the first time, I immediately noticed that my hair felt lighter and fluffier than when I used liquid conditioner. I don't know that much about hair products, but it felt like my old conditioner left a buildup of oils in my hair whereas this bar left my hair soft and untangled, but clean. Of the two conditioners, this was my favorite.

The Guardian solid conditioner
for normal to dry hair
I used this at school in January, a gray, desolate month in the Appalachians. The bar was bright green and smelled like the beach, and that made me happy. As with the Wonderbar, my hair felt light and unburdened. My dorm was hot and dry, not a good combo for hair health, but my hair felt smooth and healthy while I used this. 

St. Clements solid shampoo
for oily hair
AHHH my HANDS in this picture! Yikes girl use lotion!

Okay, back to the shampoo.
I shampoo my hair every other night. As with the conditioners, when I started using the solid shampoo I noticed right away how my hair felt cleaner than if I had washed it with a bottle shampoo- clean of buildup. It lathered and foamed nicely once I worked it into my roots. Of the three shampoos, this was my favorite.

Heali Kiwi solid shampoo
for touchy scalps
Not a great shot of my hair because I was wearing pigtails haha but it's all I have haha
This one might smell the best of all of them. Ground oatmeal is mixed into the bar to add soothing nourishment. Although it wasn't made specifically for oily hair like St. Clements, it kept my hair from getting oily in spite of salt, sweat, and me touching it all the time trying to do silly braids and such. It lathered better if I broke off a small piece and rubbed it into my hair, rather than rubbing the whole bar in my hair.

Frizz Wrangler solid shampoo
for dry or frizzy hair
My scalp had some itchiness while I was using this shampoo, but I can only claim correlation, not causation- it could have been my hometown's humidity, the sudden increase in hairspray (summer ballet workshops) or chlorine. All the ingredients are normal, non-harmful substances, so I don't think you need to worry. This bar didn't foam up like the other two when I rubbed it into my hair, so it was hard to tell that it worked. I knew it did because my hair felt clean and non-oily afterward. My hair is not dry or frizzy at all, but this shampoo made my hair very easy to work with nonetheless, and I can see how a person with curly or heat-exposed hair would appreciate its taming ability.

I highly recommend Ethique hair care bars! Pick the ones that match your hair type and you'll notice how fresh and alive your hair feels. Join the plastic-free movement. You know you want to. 

Also, for those of us who do everything for the aesthetic, the bars smell good and are pretty. Yay :)

The bars are more pricy than bottle hair products. Plastic-free products won't become commonly affordable until they replace plastic-packaged products as the normal option, and it seems to me that the only way to accomplish that is for lots of people to buy the plastic-free products, so it's a catch-22. If you're a broke college student like me and can't afford to buy bars all the time but want to minimize plastic waste, I recommend the cheapest large bottle of product available(right now, I'm using 32-oz bottles of Mane 'n Tail, yeehaw) to reduce how much plastic you buy, and treating yourself to a bar every once in a while.

Have you tried Ethique or another bar shampoo/conditioner? Do you have other plastic-free hair care tips? Let me know in the comments below, via email, or on Instagram or Facebook. Check out my Instagram either way, because I've been having fun making Reels. Reels are basically Tiktoks but for some reason I like Reels way better than Tiktok.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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