Wednesday, June 2, 2021

What I Found in the Canals + Key Largo Photo Dump

Chocolate banana peanut butter smoothie, my sister's and my books, the model boat on the coffee table
Big ol banana spider on a hiking trail
Friday afternoon in South Beach, falafel from The Betsy Hotel's restaurant
Paused our kayaking to watch the dolphins at the dolphin rehab center
Post-snorkel rice bowl
Electric ray!! (or ALIEN???)
Used my Battle Green mesh produce bag for the first time at the outdoor produce market
We asked our waitress at lunch how she was doing and she launched into raptures about 
her day off spent at 
Succulent World in Homestead. So of course we had to go.
Succulent World >> Disney World IMO

What I found in the canals:
  • Bottle caps
  • Soda and water bottles
  • Little plastic packaging bags, I don't know what they held, maybe bait
  • Sunscreen spray bottles
  • Pool noodles
  • A plastic ball like an oversized ping-pong ball
  • Styrofoam plate
  • Marlboro box
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Rope
  • Plastic food container
  • Cardboard carton
  • Bits of hard plastic
  • Shreds of plastic bags tangled in mangrove roots

May is a windy season in the Keys and the wind blew stinking drifts of sargassum seaweed and litter from the open ocean into the dead ends of the canals. I would come back from kayaking with canal litter piled on the back of my kayak.

I wrote a whole long rant paragraph about how our garbage situation will resolve only when American society's consumerist, profit-centered attitude changes (to be clear, I specify "American" because that's the only society I've lived in, not because I think the problem is solely an American one). But I want to take more time to elaborate on that argument and this post is long enough as is, so for now I'll leave it at this: Most people don't buy a plastic bottle or carton with the intention of tossing it into the wild, but so much of our disposables end up in nature anyways, by accident or by ignorance. I'm not writing to accuse you or to despair, but I want you to question what you use in your daily life and where it ends up. What are doing that's beneficial for both you and the planet? Where in your life could you decrease waste?

Anywho, wasn't the electric ray cool? I never even knew those existed! Talk to me in the comments below, via email, or on Instagram or Facebook



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