Interview with Ana Romero, PhD - Sustainable Packaging Science!

I'm so excited to introduce you to Dr. Ana Romero! A fellow Clemson tiger, foodie, and eco-friendly girlboss, Ana is developing smart packaging (keep reading to find out what that means). Thanks so much to Ana for answering my questions about herself and her research!

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I got a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at University of Costa Rica and my credentials as a Registered Dietitian. Then, I decided to continue my education and go to grad school. I went to Clemson University and got a Master’s in Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences with a minor in Statistics and a PhD in Packaging Science.




I love food and all my degrees are related with food. I got involved into packaging when I had the opportunity to learn more about the great Packaging Science Clemson University offers. Packaging protects food and ensures safety and quality.


I think my inspiration for sustainability is that I love nature. I love to go to the beach, lake and mountains. I would like to preserve all the resources nature has given us so future generations can enjoy them too.


My biggest desire is to lead efforts in creating long lasting and sustainable food packaging that help people around the world.


Tell us about your dissertation. 

My dissertation is about intelligent packaging with sustainable materials. It’s a packaging that’s going to tell you something about the product. For example, a spoilage indicator that can tell you when your food gets spoiled. So, instead of relying on an expiration date, we are going to rely on a chemical reaction that’s more accurate.


Intelligent packaging with sustainable materials not only protects the product and ensures quality and safety but also reduces carbon footprint and food waste.


The future of packaging...


I’ll get my PhD degree this coming May. I would love to have a career in food packaging and food safety that would help people and the planet.


What is the biggest change you think Clemson could make to be more sustainable?


Clemson University is doing very well in sustainability. They are leaders in the Southeast and the United States. I have met so many people with passion about sustainability and making efforts for sustainability. As a student at Clemson University, I think we need to support the organizations and programs related with sustainability and get involved. And if you can’t get involved, help them with their programs. For example, throw the recycled trash in the appropriate recycling bins.


What tips do you have for sustainability?


Instead of talking about tips, I would like to talk about consumer behavior. There are a lot of tips out there and great people giving tips. 

I would like to talk about behavior change because that’s difficult to do. If you want to take some action and help the planet, do it one action at the time. Then, when you get used to it, continue with another action. For example, start recycling and then start doing composting. I always tell my friends, don’t worry if you’re not doing a lot of actions, if you’re doing one action that’s great. If all of us do at least one action, we can have a great impact on our planet.

I really appreciate Ana taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk with me! Keep an eye out because we're thinking up some collabs for the future. Until then, don't miss Ana's Instagram, @packagingana, for sustainability and foodie inspiration. 

Peace and love,

Heather <3

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