Finally, Some Good Nature News

This semester I'm taking an nature writing class. In class this past week, my professor talked about how we are in the Anthropocene: "the Age of Woe" from an environmental perspective. In short,


While we do have a lot of work to do when it comes to our environment, I think we deserve to pause and appreciate what's good right now!

5 Bits of Good Nature News

  • The other day I talked to a girl who's working on developing drinking straws made from agar-agar, a carbohydrate derived from seaweed. These straws would be completely biodegradable. And if we can use it to make straws, just think what else it could make!

  • The sky in Clemson, South Carolina is SO blue. I've never seen a sky in such clear shades of blue before! Seven in the morning and from noon to four are the best times for blue-sky appreciation.
    No filter on this midday sky. Also, the the tip top of the hat my sister made me :)

  • Here is my little bottle terrarium. I put three plants in it. Some said those three plants would never make it in a bottle. But, "Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle I go," said those three plants- and a few other seeds stowed away in the soil. I initially thought they were basil because my mom had just planted basil seeds, but as they're growing they look more like impatiens.

    They were growing so fast that I figured it was time to expand. So I upcycled an empty jar of nuts. I didn't even clean it out, because I figured the residues and crumbs would make nice, nourishing nitrogenous compost.

  • Y'all have probably heard that GM announced it would sell only zero-emission cars by 2035. That's old news by now, but I'm still pumped! Hopefully this will motivate other industries to progress.

  • My dorm student council did a Valentine's Day candy giveaway! We used candy in cardboard boxes, such as Milk Duds, M&Ms, and Sour Patch Kids. You can't recycle the sticky, sugary cardboard, but at least it's biodegradable in the landfills. Compared to individually plastic-wrapped treats, it's a step forward.

What good nature news have you heard recently? Share with me in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram.


Heather <3

P.S. The title is meant to be read in the tone of that one Gordon Ramsey meme. You know the one.


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