7 Low-Waste Valentine's Ideas

Hello Blergh-readers, I am listening to a very good song as I write so I am not able to think or write very clearly. The song is Who Loves the Sun by The Velvet Underground. 

Look, my roommate and I decorated the door to our suite! She did the garland and the bow, I did the sign, and we did the hearts together.

I say this every year but I will reiterate it: I LOVE Valentine's Day and the month preceding it, not for its Hallmark products or its implication that we are only worthy if we obtain a romantic partner, but for its PRETTINESS AHHH. Man, I just really go psycho for red and pink and white hearts!!!

Still, Valentine's Day is revoltingly commercialized and that leads to a lot of garbage- the cards, the candy wrappers, (the emotional burden of feeling like you're only valid if you're in a relationship? wtf is that all about?), etc. Here are some ways to be mindful of the environment on Valentine's Day:

  • Now that I think about it, Sweethearts- you know, those classic hard candies that taste like soap, with quotes printed on them sometimes sour enough to match- come in cardboard boxes. Don't recycle them if they're sugary, but at least they'll decompose fairly quickly!

  • Make Valentines cards out of things that you would normally throw away- receipts? twist ties? See how resourceful you can get.

  • Plant native flowers instead of buying cut ones from the store.

  • Volunteer (somewhere where you can comply with COVID guidelines)! Valentine's Day is all about the love, right? Pay the love forward!

  • Change your desktop background. I stole this, and a collection of other bad Lord of the Rings Valentines, off Google images and made them into a slideshow desktop. They haven't stopped being funny yet.

  • Start a compost bin. There's nothing more romantic than the sultry stench of decaying potato peels (I can't think of any way to actually connect this to Valentine's Day, but I miss my compost bin back home and it really is good for the planet, not to mention personally rewarding and fun, to turn your garbage into clean soil rather than sending it to the dump where it will contribute to the greenhouse effect).
A Valentines-y plate I made a year ago

What other ways are you going to make your Valentine's Day/season eco-conscious? Let me know in the comments below, via email, or on Instagram or Facebook



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