How to Upcycle Trophies into Succulent Pots

I can't be the only one who built up a shelf full of blocky plastic participation trophies over the course of grade school, can I? Materialistic society is silly. I value the experience and memories of Spanish forum way more than I do the pile of chunky lamps reading "Sobresaliente."

So what to do about the plastic?

You can donate them, but not everyone has the means to ship their trophies to the few trophy-recycling/donating organizations dotted across the US. Here's what I did instead:

How to upcycle your old trophies into succulent pots

Unscrew the base from the rest of the trophy. Sometimes it's easier to start from the top decorations and work your way down, unscrewing every single little piece as you go, instead of just separating top from the base.

Turn the base upside-down.

I stuck a little scrap of cardboard into the hole in the base. It allows for water to drain slowly but ensures the dirt doesn't all fall out. Eventually it will decompose the plant's roots will to hold the plant in.

Fill 'er up with dirt.

Plant your plant! If you don't have access to a rampantly expanding succulent population on your patio, you can find little baby succulents cheap at Home Depot; I also recommend doing research into native plants (all plants, not just succulents) in your area. If it's native, it will be much more likely to thrive in your trophy-planter and you won't run the risk of choking out native plant life if your plant expands beyond its trophy-base-home.
Don't you love this super high-quality photography?

Give 'em a little bit of water. 

Let them grow!

You have not only some cute little plants in pretty little planters, you also have the reminder that you did ǝɔuɐp. 

Keeping a little window garden makes my dorm feel a lot more home-y, so I brought a few of these with me to school. I would have brought all of them but I just don't have the space there, so the others I left for a semester to fend for themselves outside (okay, and for my mom to take care of thanks mom).

What to do with the tops? Well, here's what I did with one of them...

If you try this DIY, let me know in the comments below or send me pictures via email or on Instagram or Facebook.

World peace and love,


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