Turning My 2020 Planner Into a Scrapbook!

Hellooo! It's been a minute. I'll post a recap of the year soon, but I wanted to share this DIY today in case anyone is preparing their 2021 bullet journals/planners/diaries/whatever.

I'm sentimental. I love commemorating every little detail of every day. Printing a big stack of glossy photos for a scrapbook is a plot hole in my low-waste manifesto, but I like to think that I make up for it by using a preexisting book instead of buying a new scrapbook.

That's exactly what I did with my planner for my first semester of college: pasted photos and mementos of the past few months onto the days they happened. When I look through this scrapbook, the assignments and events written on the pages remind me of how I was feeling when each photo was taken.

Here is a shaky home-movie-esque shot of my planner at the very beginning of the semester. Note that I left a lot of space in the season and month overviews for photos, doodles, brain dumps, etc. Note also my Avatar drawing on my August overview. It makes me happy.

I wanted to post a video of me flipping through the scrapbook but I realized that a lot of the photos show other people who probably wouldn't want their face pasted on some blog, even if it is the best blog. My plan was to pixel out the faces on the photos as they appeared in the video, but after following a tutorial to pixel out one face I decided that there are much more enjoyable ways to spend one's time. Instead, I took pictures of the most interesting pages and Photoshopped clipart snowflakes onto every face. It looked pretty ridiculous, so I did it to my face too so they wouldn't feel alone if they saw this. Did you miss The Blergh?

For bigger mementos like that green paper, I folded them and then taped one end into the page,
so I could fold them out to look at.
If there's something that doesn't fit on its day, I add it to my seasonal or monthly overview, like these photos on my October overview.
Notice that I started to make a list of "dumb Halloween costume ideas" but I could only think of one, the girl on the cover of Muse's Showbiz album. I didn't do it because I didn't think anyone would get it, but maybe next year.
I didn't always have mementos to insert for every single day, but since I'm using my planner it still shows the memories of those photo-less days (memories of spending hours on chem labs, usually).
I wrote notes by the the entries to remind myself what they're from, although they pretty much speak for themselves.
I used stickers, like the Avengers ones shown here, to cover up ink mistakes I made when I was drawing my planner. Usually, I picked ones that went with the season, but for November I went with Avengers just because.

If you turn your planner into a scrapbook, let me know in the comments below or shoot me a photo via email or on Instagram or Facebook
Until then, be good to each other and remember that you holiday candy wrappers do not belong in the recycling bin!!


Heather <3

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