My Top 3 Resources for Sustainable Lifestyle

College feels like stepping into cool refreshing air, being slapped in the face repeatedly, treading water, somersaulting down a hill at the same time. Things are almost comfortable, almost normal, and that's what I want- to keep comfort at an arm's length so that I'm always ready to experience something new.

 Today is my self-imposed cleaning day. I was literally so excited about last week's cleaning day, thanks to the cute little cleaning page I made in my planner, that I couldn't sleep the night before.

After last week's post about tips to waste less in the dining hall (and after standing on my soapbox mewling about the topic in our dorm floor's group chat) I wanted to share my 3 favorite sustainability resources! 

Kathryn is real and honest about living a normal life, just low-waste. If you want to minimize your negative impact on the planet, her blog is a great place to start- and stay- because she shows easy fixes for everyday wasteful practices. I just read her article "7 Tips to Avoid Greenwashing" and realized I've totally fallen for some of the "greenwashed" gimmicks.

Use their brand search to see what they rank clothing/accessory brands as far as ethics, environmental impact, and cost. I used this every time I bought something for college.

  • My bio textbook haha
Seriously though- I've always said, "Oh yeah, we gotta stop global warming, etc etc," but learning the science behind climate change and its effects lets us understand how we can actually help beyond reposting some Instagram quip to our Story.

What other resources do you recommend? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram. Or if you're in my building and just found my blog, knock on my door(with your mask, of course). I want to make friends :))

Also- it's fall!! Check out my suggestions for unique fall eats and low-waste fall DIYs.

Latest flavors

Apple honey cake- tried out the dorm kitchen with my roomie. Baking together with music on is one of the best ways to get to know a new friend.

Yolk- A little local dive that serves Korean-style bowls, each with a fried egg

Imladris Farms apple butter- Imladris!!! My sister gifted me this and I treated myself on one of the first mornings of autumn, imagining myself among the elves.

Latest moves
Tried Pop Pilates with CHAARG and I was still sore three days later! To keep COVID-compliant, a group of us met out on a field to do it. Our instructor was on Zoom on a cluster of laptops in the middle of a circle, so with all of us working out in sync in a circle we looked like we were performing a séance.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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