Baking Every Single COOKIE in Our Favorite Cookbook- The Chocolate Snowball Cookies and Bars

My favorite cookbook right now is The Chocolate Snowball by Letty Flatt. It's the cookbook for the Deer Valley ski resort. My family and I have visited friends up in Deer Valley every year for as long as I can remember, and the ski slopes and cozy lodges warm my heart in a special way that Deer Valley's food has a knack for evoking. The hot fudge sauce from The Chocolate Snowball has never not improved my day by 150%. Every time my mom and I made the sauce, we would flip through the rest of the pages and sigh, "I want to make that" about every single recipe. 
Finally, we decided, let's do it. Let's make every single recipe in The Chocolate Snowball.

A few notes before we get cookie-ing:
  • Although the recipes are easy to follow, there aren't a lot of pictures of the final products, so we had a lot of, "Um... is this right?" moments. My hope is that if you're making a recipe from this book, this can be a visual guide. For some of them, that is. For some of the recipes I went full-on foodstyler, but for some of them I snapped low-quality photos as an afterthought as I sat down to feast. And some I forgot altogether. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • We've already made all the "Breakfast Delights:" Click here for reviews and photos of all the Breakfasts! as well as all the "Daily Breads:" Click here for reviews and photos of all the Breads!
  • My mom can't eat dairy, so we made as many recipes dairy free as we deemed possible. With the cookies, that mostly meant substituting butter for coconut-based margarine.
  • I've marked vegan or veganized recipes with (V). 
  • I marked some recipes vegan even if they have honey. See my post on saving the bees to learn why I encourage consuming locally- and ethically- sourced honey.
  • I've also marked a few favorites with *. It was hard to pick just a few favorites.

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies
This recipe and its Double Chocolate counterpart below are the classic Deer Valley cookie. When I'm skiing all day, I almost always stop and grab one for a morning or afternoon snack at one of their lodges. One time, I was sitting in a lodge at a table by myself and this little kid and his mom were sitting at the next table over and the kid kept looking back at me and I heard him say, "Mommy, is she going to eat the whole thing?" And his mom was like, "Yeah, well, some people..." Yeesh. Damn right some people eat the whole thing.
At one of the Deer Valley restaurants, they make ice cream sandwiches with these jumbo cookies, vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge sauce. Highly recommend, these are peak ice cream sandwich cookies, even if their size makes it a little hard to handle.
I would rather eat one big soft cookie, and my dad would rather eat a lot of little crunchy cookies, so we varied the size and baking time for several trays of cookies.
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute. 
I didn't have time to make hot fudge sauce but I did have leftover cake frosting!

Jumbo Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
When my dad takes me on an especially hard ski run (usually I ask to go on them, then get scared and get mad at him for taking me), these are my consolation prize. Like the previous cookie, we made a few jumbo ones and many normal-sized ones; also like the previous cookie, these made great ice cream sandwiches. The book recommends pairing them with blackberry ice cream, but I didn't see that until long after we had devoured the cookies. We'll save that for another time!
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

Jumbo Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Scooped some of the dough out to bake as jumbo cookies before we mixed the raisins in. I was having a rough day as it was and just couldn't bring myself to make a whole batch of cookies with raisins in them. But my dad especially likes raisin cookies so we made sure to make plenty of normal-sized ones with raisins in them. They're the same dough as the Chocolate Chip ones so you know it's good stuff!
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

Macadamia Nut Cookies
I'm usually anti-nuts-in-cookies, but macadamia nuts are the exception. Crumbly, buttery sugar cookie around a rich, creamy macadamia nut. For the full experience, envision me snacking on them during AP Physics, my teacher calling me out and saying, "hey, Heather brought cookies for everyone!" when I only brought them for myself, me dropping cookie crumbs down my shirt in my embarrassment.
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.
White chocolate Reese's cup in the middle!

Chocolate Almond Macaroons
Crackly on the outside, chewy on the inside, and the lovely smooth almond texture for contrast. On St. Patrick's Day, I arranged four of these like a four-leaved clover on top of ice cream.

Chocolate Espresso Slice and Bakes
I didn't get good photos of these, but ours turned out looking just like the ones pictured in the cookbook. These tasted like they came from a coffee shop in Rome. Crisp and elegant, they paired very well with vanilla ice cream, but also were good to nibble by themselves.
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

Chocolate Walnut Brownies
Like I said, I'm anti-nuts-in-cookies and in most desserts. So we made these Chocolate Brownies instead of Chocolate Walnut Brownies. They could have used something in place of the walnuts, like maybe chocolate chips(see the "Almost Sinless Brownies" for more on that :) ). These were like a big thick slab of chocolate cake!
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

Peanut Butter Truffles*
My dad told me that he ate one of these, then ate a Reese's Cup, and these were better. I love Reese's, but I would have to agree that these trump the Cups. They're cool, creamy, and smooth(creamy and smooth are used interchangeably but in this case they check off two different boxes. Taste these truffles and you'll know what I mean).
The recipe instructs to roll them in cocoa powder. We did this for some of them; we tried to roll some in green sugar and DeRujiter fruit sprinkles because we wanted to color them for an Easter dessert board (this was was when eggs were scarce during the pandemic, so we didn't dye any). The green sugar sprinkles stuck, the DeRujiter not so much, but the cocoa powder as written in the recipe worked the best as far as stickage and taste.

Low-Fat Honey Jumbo Cookies
These cookies' texture was a little more breadlike, almost like a muffin instead of a cookie. For that reason my parents were averse to these, but I really liked them. We added chocolate chips for a little extra sweetness. As with all the other Jumbo cookies, we made some big and some small. I liked to sandwich butter and peanut butter in between two of them- big ones for breakfast, small ones for snack. Just assume that I eat everything I make with peanut butter. Maybe I should come with an acronym instead of saying it every time.

with Reese's in the middle

Snowshoe Tommy Bars
These are my mom's favorite at the Deer Valley lodges. I, uh, made some totally-on-purpose-not-by-mistake edits to the recipe. As in, I totally forgot to add the oats. This changed the consistency of the bar from the chewy, moist bars you get at the lodge to a crumblier, cakier blondie that was still yummy- just different. The oats must hold the ingredients together, because the mix-ins sunk to the bottom and kept falling out. All the same, we drizzled them with melted chocolate, sprinkled them with leftover coconut, and brought them as dessert to a brunch with some friends for the first time out since quarantine. They were a big hit!
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

World's Best Almond Biscotti
These were really fun to cut into the biscotti shape. We were worried that using margarine instead of butter would keep these from getting crisp, but these achieved that satisfying biscotti crunch! I dipped some in chocolate for a themed movie night(find out the theme in next week's post), but they were good on their own too.
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

Raspberry Granola Bars
The recipe was right when it said these weren't going to be your typical Nature Valley granola bar. Instead of crunchy, they were soft and rich, like a cobbler in bar form. Great peanut butter partner (PBP???) for a morning snack.
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

Almost Sinless Brownies
The Chocolate Snowball cookbook was published in 1999. Since then, the idea that dietary fats are bad for you has been overturned. Of course, there are exceptions for individuals with health concerns, but in general eating a food with fats in it, be it dessert or any meal/snack, is not "sinful." Just wanted to get that out there. :)
We added chocolate chips to these bad boys. Since we made these around the time of the TikTok pancake/other-breakfast-food-as-cereal trend, a couple of times I cut a brownie into small cubes, warmed it up, and poured milk over top. It sounds weird but it was really yummy.


Linzer Heart Cookies
These were so cute and delicate and sweet! It was fun to assemble the different pieces. Hearts are the classic shape, then we made a few star-shaped ones to serve with blueberry pie for a red, white and blue Memorial Day desert- see the bottom photo.
The bowl pictured below was such a nice bowl. I went waterskiing and had a ballet class that morning, then spent the afternoon baking chocolate bread and these cookies with my mom. That night we sampled the bread and cookies- and I added the Linzer dough scraps and some peanut butter- and watched Sherlock. Overall a lovely day.
Dairy-free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

Orange Blossom Brownies*
These were unlike anything I had ever tasted! Unfortunately I can't find any pictures of them so you'll have to take my word for it that the orange layer was a stunning contrast to the fudgy brownie. In our pan, the orange layer leaked down underneath the brownie on one side and stuck, but it didn't detract from the brownies' unique, exotic flavor. We didn't have the optional orange flower water, but didn't feel that the brownies were lacking without it.
Dairy free: We used Earth Balance brand vegan butter substitute.

Fat-Free McHenergy Bars
I thought these tasted a lot like the Honey Jumbo Cookies, but for some reason my parents really liked these ones. 
We could not find puffed millet anywhere, but we did find some raw millet. We tried to puff it by cooking it over the stove like popcorn and only ended up with burnt, unpuffed millet that smelled very... interesting. So instead of the puffed millet we substituted 1 more cup rolled oats. Later, I made Cookie and Kate's millet stir fry with cooked- not puffed- millet.
These were an awesome breakfast or snack. PBP!

I went on a super-fun trip to the mountains with some friends last week; I started college classes online Wednesday. I have not felt like blogging. I still don't, to be honest, because I'm so tired of sitting and staring at a computer. But I love to write, even when it's silly stuff like this, and I love sharing good recipes! I'm trying to steer The Blergh more towards sustainability, but I've already started so many food posts that I think are worth keeping so I'll post those first! Even though my goal is to center The Blergh around sustainability, I'll keep food as a little side-melody because foodstyling and photography is fun and relaxing. 
Tips to waste less when baking these cookies (here's your nugget of sustainability): Lick the beater- I like to save it for dessert at night; save crumbs to sprinkle on ice cream; if anything gets stale, blend it into a milkshake.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

PB truffles and the beheaded body of a York bunny. It looks like D:

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