Baking Every Single BREAD in Our Favorite Cookbook- The Chocolate Snowball Daily Breads

My favorite cookbook right now is The Chocolate Snowball by Letty Flatt. It's the cookbook for the Deer Valley ski resort. My family and I have visited friends up in Deer Valley every year for as long as I can remember, and the ski slopes and cozy lodges warm my heart in a special way that Deer Valley's food has a knack for evoking. The hot fudge sauce from The Chocolate Snowball has never not improved my day by 150%. Every time my mom and I made the sauce, we would flip through the rest of the pages and sigh, "I want to make that" about every single recipe. 
Finally, we decided, let's do it. Let's make every single recipe in The Chocolate Snowball.

We just finished making every single bread in the chapter "Our Daily Breads."

A few notes before we dive in to yeasty ecstasy (ew I thought that would sound cool but it DOES NOT but I'm leaving it)...
  • Although the recipes are easy to follow, there aren't a lot of pictures of the final products, so we had a lot of, "Um... is this right?" moments. My hope is that if you're making a recipe from this book, this can be a visual guide. For some of them, that is. For some of the recipes I went full-out foodstyler, but for some of them I snapped low-quality photos as an afterthought as I sat down to feast (with my feet in the foot massager, as in the last recipe haha). And some I forgot altogether. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The first section of the book was "Breakfast Delights:" Click here for reviews and photos of all the Breakfasts!
  • My mom can't eat dairy, so we made as many recipes dairy free as we deemed possible. We didn't try to use the vegan cheese substitutes because we didn't think they would be good in baked goods. Also, they're salty AF.
  • I've marked veganized recipes with (V). 
  • I marked some recipes vegan even if they have honey. See my post on saving the bees to learn why I encourage consuming locally- and ethically- sourced honey.
  • I've also marked a few favorites with *
A tip about homemade breads in general: They will dry out if they're not eaten without a few days, especially once you slice them. If you don't think you can finish a loaf within a few days, freeze it.

Green Chili and Cheese Cornbread *
To make it dairy free, we replace the cheese with canned corn and the milk with coconut milk. 
This bread turns out soft and sweet, with an exciting but not overpowering edge from the chili peppers. I love it and I've made it a ton since the first time I tried it. 
This past Thanksgiving, I turned them into corn muffins- there's a slightly altered recipe on Flatt's website for that. I also like serving them with Cookie and Kate's Chili.
Thanksgiving 2019!

Sun-Dried Tomato Anadama Bread
Really good for cheese sandwiches, or with soup.

Buttermilk Raisin Bread
For some reason, this bread didn't rise at all. Despite all the good things folded into it, it turned out hard as a rock. A pessimist would have called it a failure and scrapped it, but my brother and I, optimists, loaded it with butter or peanut butter and sometimes sprinkles and found that it was quite satisfactory.
Not sure why it didn't rise. Our yeast was very much alive. We didn't try to sub the buttermilk or yogurt for a dairy-free option, and I'm pretty sure we used dairy butter, too.

Roquefort Gougeres
Okkkaaayy, so when I said we were making every single recipe, I was exaggerating. I don't really like blue cheese unless it's Clemson blue cheese, and even then I don't want it as a main flavor, and like I said Mom doesn't eat dairy, and we decided there weren't enough of us at home in the blue cheese fan club to justify making these.
If you make them please let me know how they turn out! I'll add your review to this post.

Oatmeal Walnut Bread (V)
Super moist. I don't usually support nuts in baked goods, but as this was a main feature, I accepted it, and didn't regret it. In this case, the walnuts added a comforting wholesome bite.
I was in school when my mom made this on a chilly (as chilly as it gets in Florida. Like, 55 degrees Fahrenheit?) winter day. It was lovely to come home to a house warmed by the oven and the aroma of fresh-baked bread and toasted walnuts.)
Somehow I don't have a single photo of this. It looked like... well, bread.

Red Pepper Cheddar Cheese Bread
We made this bread on Easter. Since cheddar cheese is a main ingredient, we decided not to make it dairy-free. 
This sunset-orange bread was really fun and packed with umami. Besides adding it to Easter dinner, I liked eating it for breakfast with more cheddar cheese on top.

Potato Focaccia with Red Onions and Basil (V)
If you're making this, please note it took about ten minutes longer to bake than the recipe said. Just keep checking after the time.
I felt very fancy serving up this lovely focaccia! It would be good as an appetizer, with a nice dinner, and I also loved dipping it in runny eggs in the morning. My whole family was crazy about it.
The dough before all the extras were mixed in.

Four Grain Poppy Seed Bread
Great for thick slices for everyday toasts, sandwiches, and sides. The poppy seeds gave an exciting crunch to an otherwise soft, comforting loaf.
We didn't have millet or its suggested substitutes, bulgur or cracked wheat, so we replaced the millet with more oats. 
All this bread-baking taught me that I don't love the taste and texture of an eggwashed crust, so we brushed the loaves with melted butter before baking.
Big beautiful rising dough!

Onion Curry Bread * (V)
We couldn't fit all the sunflower seeds and onion the recipe called for into this tough, rubbery dough and I was worried it would just be a loaf of seed and onion with a little bread mixed in. However, it turned out to be one of my favorite breads, made very moist by the onion and flavorful with the curry powder.
I made this on a rainy afternoon and served it with a painfully spicy lentil soup, feeling very much like a little hobbit fixing up bread and soup in her woodland cottage.
I don't love the taste and texture of an eggwashed crust, so we brushed the loaves with melted Earth Balance butter before baking. 

Stanford Court Sourdough Bread (V)
I have my baking partner AKA my mom to thank for raising our sourdough starter from scratch and caring for it through thick and thin. She used a basic Betty Crocker recipe like this one. 
Moist, comforting, and of higher quality than storebought bread. This was my first time making sourdough and I love how fluffy it turned out!
This could be vegan if you brush the outside with vegan butter instead of egg.

Seeded Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread (V)
My mom made both this whilst I was entrenched in a busy school year. At first, I was much aggrieved that I was not consulted, but I soon got over that because it was awesome for school sandwiches. Out of the two sourdoughs, I think I like this one best because I'm partial to darker breads.
This could be vegan if you brush the outside with vegan butter instead of egg.
Since I ate this mostly at school, I don't have any photos. Try to picture a tall, thick slices of fluffy light brown bread.

Dark Chocolate Bread * (V)
This makes three medium-sized loaves, and I recommend freezing at least one of them to retain the initial amazing moistness that it had on the day we made it.
For a cheerful breakfast or lunch, try spreading plain yogurt and some berries or jam on top. I know the yogurt sounds weird on toast, but it contrasts so nicely with the rich chocolate flavor.
As the recipe suggested, we made one of the loaves into the chocolate blueberry bread pudding that I will rave about in a later post!
We left the chopped nuts and dried fruit out because we're not really into nuts in desserts. We used Earth Balance vegan butter to keep it dairy free. I don't love the taste and texture of an eggwashed crust, so we brushed the loaves with that same vegan butter before baking. 
Chocolate blueberry bread pudding

Holiday Stollen
Instead of Christmastime, when it's intended to be made, we made this in May, but its festive decadence was much appreciated regardless of the season! The recipe suggested adding chocolate chips, and we take any chance we can to make something chocolatey. We did leave out the nuts, because I'm not a lover of nuts in baked goods.
Sweet enough for dessert but not too sweet for an energizing breakfast, I liked it with- surprise- peanut butter. It was also really good simply toasted with butter, and once or twice I added some leftover strawberry frosting. It looks nasty in this crusty picture, but it was actually terrific.

Beyond the bakes...

If you make any of these, have any questions, or just want to say, "hi," I would love for you to email me, tag me or DM me on Instagram or Facebook, or comment below!

World peace and love,

Heather <3

Onion curry bread with melted cheddar cheese, vegetable soup

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