Re-making my first foodstyle, 10 years later: Strawberry Mug Cake!

I am officially no longer a high school student! I've already offered buckets of blathering gratitude to teachers and family and friends and I'm sure that anyone reading this blog is here to read about cake and not my emotions so I won't bog down this post with more blathers. 
Reminiscing over old photos a while back, my mom and I found this gem. She called it my first foray into food blogging...


(I feel like, by sharing my image, I am pasting myself forever into history as a meme)


Those Moe Howard bangs eh!

At a friend's 8th birthday party, her mom gave us each a little cake- I think it was strawberry cake- to decorate and bring home as a party favor. I vaguely remember decorating the little cake, but I have the vivid recollection that it was, to my 8-year-old palate, one of the most delicious dainties I had ever encountered. Part of that was because I had decorated it myself.

saved from Know Your Meme

To celebrate finishing high school, I undertook it to remake that cake.

The cake: I started with my go-to Land O' Lakes vanilla mug cake recipe. 
Changes: Instead of the milk as called for, I used pureed strawberries with just the tiniest bit of milk. Instead of an egg yolk, I used a flax egg because when I made this, eggs were still scarce.
I forgot to oil the inside of the ramekin before microwaving it, so I had some issues taking it out, as you can tell from the misshapen top. That's why you cover the top with frosting once it's cooled!

The frosting: My mom's chocolate frosting, leftover from her birthday cake, on the lower half. Vanilla buttercream- just butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla whipped together- on the top half. For the green frosting details, I mixed matcha powder into the vanilla buttercream.

The decorations: Is it just me or do Easter-color M&Ms taste better than regular ones?

The wait: One of the reasons this cake tasted like it was infused with the nectar of the gods to 8-year-old-me was because I had covered it in frosting and sugary stuff, then let it sit and soak up the sugar for the rest of the day. 
So I made and decorated the cake in the morning, and waited to eat it until that night.

What do you think?

Ok, so honestly... I think 8-year-old-me's cake was better. This one tasted pretty good and was nicely moist, but it was pretty dense and the strawberry flavor was not very strong. That might be result of using the flax egg, although I've used them before with no problem. I think the main thing was that the cake-to-frosting ratio was too large. However, it was still enjoyable, especially because the strawberries had been macerating in frosting all day and leaking their sugary juices onto the M&Ms.

Some summer things...
  • I'm thrilled to be first guest on She Wrote That., a podcast featuring "female authors, journalists, bloggers, and storytellers." Talking is not my forte- I tend to ramble and forget my point- but I tried not to ramble or say "like" too much in this interview. Charlotte is a writer herself so she knows how to talk shop. Anyone interested in any kind of writing would love the podcast. The episode should be airing soon- I'll keep you updated!
  • Vox Today Explained Podcast. Even though we're ready for it to be history, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over. The movement for racial equality is not over and its emphasis in media, silly blogs included, should not be either. Like I mentioned in my previous post, blogging about cake and my peaceful summer vacation doesn't help relieve the oppression faced by people of color. Listening, learning, doing some extra research, and then speaking up when I hear something racist/incorrect is the way I personally can best contribute, and I think a lot of my readers might be in the same boat. This podcast has been essential in keeping me up to date on the movement. It has a little liberal bias- hence the aforementioned extra research to verify facts- but it does present multiple angles on each day's most relevant issues in around 20 minutes. I like to listen to this at night while stretching in my room with all the lights off. 
  • I've been doing a Yoga with Adriene meditation video every day for the past week and after doing THIS ONE today I floated out of my room feeling like I was on a cloud!
  • My friends and I celebrated summer solstice by cooking together- veg pad Thai and strawberry cake à la Max and Ruby- while listening to Breakfast with the Beatles and the Preservation Hall Livestream Benefit Concert.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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