Help me decide what mini food to make for The Blergh's 6th Anniversary!

Tomorrow is The Blergh's 6th anniversary and I'm celebrating by making something mini! You know, a tiny food to match The Blergh's tiny number of readers.

Also, I'm a dork who gets excited over miniature things. Wasn't there an SAT passage about this last year?  

Anywho. It's up to YOU to decide what I make- suggest in the comments below, via email, or on Instagram or FacebookI'll do my best with the ingredients I have and my mini equipment!!

My mini equipment: 

•Easy Bake Oven- For all your early-2000s nostalgia. I have no idea if this still works lol
•Mini grater
•Adorable egg-duck mini whisk 
•Smol saucepan
•Tiny cookie cutters

•Thingy with which to marble? Does it have a name?
•Mini cake pans
•Lil Peter Rabbit utensils
•Mini serving knife thingies (this is the professional term)
•Dug up my old MINI TEA SET- Didn't realize I still had this and was much gratified to find it

Photo 3- some stuff I almost forgot about!
•Small food processor attachment
•TINY SERVING DISHES- I can't believe I almost forgot about these they are hilarious I think they were a party favor??? I screeched when I saw them. I have two!!

Of course, I will use normal-sized measuring cups, stove etc. as necessary!

I probably won't make the thingy until tomorrow night but I'm not sure yet. So there's no specific deadline for suggestions.

Now that I don't have to worry about impressing college admissions officers, I'm done with scheduling posts, and keeping up appearances. Recently, I've been loathing the thought of spending hours in front of a computer or phone to write lengthy posts or edit photos or videos.
I'm still going to blog because it's fun and because it makes me feel like all the stupid things I do-like cook a miniature (fill in the blank)- are somewhat productive and because sustainability should be popularized, whatever it takes. Just not with a daily schedule and the commitment to constant internet presence. There are more things in life than eyes burning from staring at a screen.
All I want to do this summer is dance, read, waterski, surf, go the beach with my friends, cook, do stuff with native plants, eat hot chip, and lie!

Anywho, suggest mini stuff to make. I'll post what I make tomorrow and maybe I'll even share it with you.

World peace and love,


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