DIY Compost Update: It's DIRT!

AKA checking in on pet froggies!

My compost bin was super easy to DIY. All you do is drill holes into a plastic storage bin and secure the top to keep out critters. See how I made my DIY compost bin here.
I first made it almost two years ago. I added to it as space allowed and took from it when dirt was ready, using the dirt for little things like my mint plant (RIP).

Then, this past November, shin splints happened. Nasty things. They forced me to stop dancing for nearly four months and eliminate any walking except between classes and from my bedroom to the kitchen. I wept in great quantities and was a big drama queen about the whole thing.

Now I am ambulatory again! Which means I am dancing again! And it means I can once again make the trek out back to the compost bin.

Last week, I cracked the bin for the first time since November.
How to open your DIY compost bin:
1. Gloves are mandatory
2. Creep slowly towards the bin
3. Once you have approached the bin, give it several good shakes to stir things up and let the bugs know you're there
4. Open the lid really fast and run away
5. Creep slowly towards the bin
6. See that everything is safe and that you just ran away from a box of dirt

Here is how it looked after not being turned for five months:

Just kidding. It wasn't that bad.
My aunt said it looked like a pan of brownies. I used some less-nice words to describe it. Yet this rich, nutrient-dense stuff was probably what plants dream about. It gave off the aroma of earth rather than the odor of decaying garbage. It was also home to an upstanding family of cute little brown frogs. I felt bad for uprooting their family, but it was time to lay the compost. They'd be better off in the actual wild than in a plastic box, anyway.

I nestled shovelfuls of it into the earth around our pineapples and orange, lemon, and mango trees, patted it into the ground, and swept oak leaves over it. Around here, "outside" is just one big carpet of oak leaves until you hit swamp.

Low-quality pictures.

Note to fellow DIY composters: I saved a little bit of the dirt. Next time I add to my compost bin, I'll cover the new stuff over with the leftover dirt.

As I was traipsing through the yard, smacking mosquitoes and skirting around spiderwebs, I came upon the big mango tree. It's near where the woods meets the swamp and it opens up out of the earth like some kind of twisted tropical tree of life. Between its leaves I could just barely see the setting sun, orange fire smothered by today's clouds, glinting onto the pond and the lagoon. I love Florida.

Since I promised to update about Eggless Easter DIYS (not that it matters, no one reads this blog anyways): Tomorrow, my family and I are going to make chocolate peanut butter truffles (from the same cookbook as all this), shape them like eggs, and roll them in different-colored sprinkles.
Also, Easter nails!

photo creds to Mom

Per usual, any love you extend in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram is rainbow unicorn sparkles to me.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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