4 Ways to Do Easter Eggless (and Waste Less)

For future Blergh readers, studiously analyzing posts, searching for insight as to just what made me the best blogger in the history of blogging, let me remind you that this post is written in the throes of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Global Shutdown, Etc.
Dying easter eggs is something my whole family gets in on. My aunt and mom and I will sit at the counter, quietly dipping hard-boiled eggs into the rainbow of dye-water-filled coffee mugs. My dad will occassionally pass by, maybe stick one in the green dye, pass by again several minutes later to take it out, something black and white is playing on the TV behind us. I can't remember if this is what actually happens or if this is all a figment of my imagination, but if it is it's a nice figment and I'm hanging on to it.

This year, we won't be dying any real eggs. They're too scarce in grocery stores. But I still want something to decorate!

These ideas are good for a) if you're vegan, b) if you can't find eggs at the grocery store, c)if you just want something fun and easy to DIY for Spring! I haven't decided which I'm going to do yet, but I'll keep you updated on Instagram @theblerghblog and I'd love for you to tell me what you do. My family's multicultural, so one of these may just end up on the Passover seder plate this Wednesday, too!

4 Ways to Do Easter Eggless (and waste less)

1. Treasure Hunt
Use notebook paper or, better yet, old homework papers you don't need anymore. Use at least ten pieces of paper. For spring-y pizzazz, cut them into egg shapes and paint them with watercolors.
 Then write, clues on them. For example: "The next clue is somewhere cold and empty," and they'll find that clue in my list of followers. Haha. Just kidding, but you get the idea.
The final clue will bring them to some reward: Candy? Breakfast? Maybe a festive board a la Harmony Lynn?

2. Macarons/other sweet treats
While I was looking for the link to Harmony's Easter board article in Space Coast Living, I came upon her blog and found her suggestion to paint macarons. Something great about this is that macarons aren't too sticky on the outside, so you could hide them around the house as long as they're not out too long.
You could do also do sugar cookies or petit-fours!
Last year, we made peanut butter blossom cookies with chocolate eggs.

3. Seashells
If you're a Floridian like me, you probably have a stash of seashells somewhere. Wash them, dry them, and draw/color on them with Sharpies. The Sharpie company doesn't recommend using Sharpie on anything that may come into contact with food, but if you just decorate the outside of the shell, you can use the insides to hold small candies (try not to buy individually wrapped stuff! Garbage piles up! Although as you can see above my family had some last year :)).
After Easter, you can use your decorated shells as holders for oddments. This post makes me cringe because I wrote it nearly six years ago, but this is the general idea.

4. Face masks
I'm going to try my hand at sewing some this week. And because it's me, I have to make them cute. And because it's spring, I have to make them spring-y.

We already have plastic eggs to fill with candy, so of course we use them. If you don't have plastic eggs, I encourage you not to buy them and instead seek out plastic-free alternatives like these. Plastic piles up.

Music to listen to while DIY-ing
1. I've been listening to the Evita soundtrack while I'm working on school things that take less concentration. I want to take a ballet class to the Evita soundtrack. Imagine rond de jambes to this. Or rond de jambes en l'air. I get shudders!

2. The drummer in my band introduced me to Surf Rock is Dead. They're best for car rides with friends to the beach, but since we're not doing any of that any time soon, they'd be good for crafting or cooking or jus' chillin'.

If you make these or any other fun spring treats or DIYs, tell me and send me pictures in the comments below, via email, and on Facebook or Instagram.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

P.S. Thanks to everyone for not participating in Emma's and my Quarantine Sustainability Challenge. Guess it's hard to start a thing when no one reads your blog. Whatever. We'll try again in a little bit, when The Blergh is famous for being the best blog ever.


  1. I love this! We did an Easter egg hunt with the ~20 plastic eggs that I got 5 years ago. One thing we do have a lot of is paper, so we might do some bunny origami (google "Easter origami" and you'll get lots of options) or try this geometric paper egg (http://make-origami.com/snapology-egg/).

    1. If you did the origami you'll have to send me pictures or show me on Skype this weekend. That sounds so cute!


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