Quarantine Sustainability Challenge!

What is one way you're being kinder to the earth, intentionally or unintentionally, during quarantine? Maybe you haven't thought about this silver lining in a time of anxiety. Are you wasting less of something? Are you spending less time in front of the screen? Have you learned something new about our interactions with the planet? Silly or serious, big or small, I want to hear about it.

I'm accepting responses from March 29 - April 4, after which two things will happen:
1) Emma AKA the amazing designer who gave The Blergh a makeover last year will work some design magic to create graphics about everyone's new sustainable living habits with the hope of inspiring earth-awareness in everyone. 2) I will randomly draw the name of one person who submitted a response, and when this whole pandemic thing is over, I will make them a dessert and if they live near me, I'll deliver it to them. Since most of The Blergh's readers live within the same county AKA are my parents, this shouldn't be too hard. If you win and you don't live near me, I'll still make the dessert, but I'll eat it instead and we'll figure out some other nice thing to do for you.

Here's what to do:

Tell me one way you're living sustainably during quarantine. Bonus points if you tell me how you could continue this habit after quarantine. Double bonus points if you send me a picture of a cute animal or pretty smoothie or some other nice photo.

If you can't think of anything you're doing right now, I challenge you to implement something within the next week. Tell me what you're going to do within this week, and you'll still be entered (Need ideas? Just comment below, email, or DM me- or wait until after the challenge and read the graphics that Emma makes).

Send your responses to me in any one of the following ways: 1) Comment below. Include your name! :) 2)  Email theblerghblog@gmail.com 3)Message me on Facebook and/or Instagram @theblerghblog . If you do that, tag a friend or two so they can join in! 4)You can also message me on Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Youtube. Those just seem like weird ways to do this, but I appreciate unconventionality.

Don't forget, this only lasts for this week: Sun, March 29 - Saturday, April 4. Let's make some good news and good vibes.

I'll start:
When things first started shutting down last week, we couldn't get any dish soap anywhere. My mom even looked online, and vendors were price gouging, asking fifty bucks for the stuff. That week, I was more mindful than before of how much I was using when I washed dishes, and I ended up using about half the amount I normally use. I realized that's all I need to use, and the dishes are still just as spotless and sanitary. Using less dish soap may seem insignificant, but a little bit less used each day means one more plastic bottle is used a little longer, which means we throw away or buy new plastic bottles less often, which means a little bit less plastic in the world. Which, again, might seem small, but in the slightly misquoted words of Marc Anthony- the singer, not the ancient Roman politician- "A veces solo una gota" can make a big difference in the world. Imagine if everyone added their gotas.

World peace and love,

Heather <3


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