My Fun, NATURAL Spring Cleaning Checklist

Not that it's not something to take seriously, because it is, if you're cooped up somewhere or feeling a little freaked out, you'd probably like to not think about COVID-19.
Tomorrow, I'm taking a screen detox day: I'm going to try to avoid my phone, computer, TV, etc for the whole day.

One of the things I'm going to do is some Spring Cleaning! Fun cleaning, like organization and gathering things to donate and using natural ingredients- more about my super simple trick (okay, it's my mom's, not mine, but I stole it) for natural cleaning below and look for * on what I use that trick for. :) 

Heather's Spring Cleaning To-Do List
Do something with old participation trophies(does anyone know somewhere I can donate/recylce these? I don't want to just trash them)
Take down Christmas lights- they're purdy but they're a winter thing
Put up some of my Grandma's paintings
Store away winter clothes
Gather clothes that don't fit/don't get worn to donate
File papers/business cards sitting on my dresser (there's, like, 2, but they're driving me crazy)
Make a cute spring-y study/reading corner with pillows/blankets
Put out spring candles
Put out spring candles
Figure out what bottles are recyclable, recycle empty ones
Gather bathing suits that don't fit/don't get worn to donate
Put away winter soaps, put out flowery soaps
*Clean off wooden bowl covers
Learn how to use coffee machine (not cleaning but a useful skill even though I don't drink coffee)
Wash car, outside and in
Open up compost bin for the first time since November
Maybe brush Earthquake's teeth? He would not like it :(
*Phone screen, case
*Computer screen
*iPod screen, case
*Retainers (ew I can't believe I'm talking about cleaning my orthodontic retainers on the world wide web)
Makeup- clean out the old dried-up stuff I've had since 7th grade, wipe down the still-usable stuff
Take off my old scratched-up nail polish
Wash dance skirt, compression socks, Shocks, maybe ballet slippers
*Clean the bouncy balls I use to roll out my feet/ankles for dance

And the trick is...
Vinegar and lemon juice! Learn more at this article I wrote for Space Coast Living last year. It was one of the first articles I wrote, back before I started doing client articles. In the article, I said not to clean device screens with it, but I've been doing that and it seems fine? 

While you're stuck in your house, is there anything you want to read about? I might post about my favorite at-home workouts. Whatever your situation looks like right now, I encourage you not to be like the guy that I saw on the local news earlier today who said, "Well, the only thing I can do is watch TV." You can read. Write. Draw on the walls. Create an interpretive dance to a song you make up. This is an opportunity to do crazy-cool things. Have fun with it and stay safe, dudes. And support local small businesses, if you're able.

Were you disgusted that I talked about my retainers in front of the whole world? Let me know in the comments below, via email, and on Instagram and Facebook.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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