Music Festival and Tacos from Eatqual Food Truck

A haze of drum-movings, guitar-tunings, stress dancing A.K.A pirouetting in any area with more than 1 m^3 of open space, angry internal threats to my voice- "don't you dare crack"(it only did once!). It was cool out, windy, and a hard blue sunburning sky. Yesterday my school's music honors society hosted a music festival to raise money for a Title I elementary school's music program, and my little rock band played (twice- we got an encore)! A short set at a small event, but to us it felt like we were playing Wembley Stadium. 

After our performance, the band and I settled a table in the shade to listen to the other acts. I grabbed some tacos from one of the food trucks at the event: Eatqual.

Eatqual is a plant-based food truck committed to "eat[ing] for rights." A few years ago, my friends and I split their nachos, and I remembered them being really tasty, so I was excited to try an entree. 

I ordered the Sesame Street tacos, partly for their Asian twist and partly because the name brought back memories of watching Shalom Sesame (did you know Big Bird has a Twitter?). Chickpeas, peanuts, scallions, orange hoisin sauce, carrots, spinach, sesame seeds, bundled in soft flour tortillas. 

Some takeaways (taco-ways?) (bad puns give me headaches but I couldn't just not say it): 1) Peanuts + chickpeas was not a combo I had previously considered, but they were a power couple. Yum. 2) The people in the truck were super friendly and the food came as fresh and fast as the drum beat in Do It All the Time by IDKBTFM. 3) The sauce was absolutely delicious, just the right amount of sweet and spicy to tackle my racing heart after performing. Also, I spilled it all over my jeans. It was worth it. If this food truck is in your area, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. 

Harder-to-grasp vibes from the day: The wavering is-this-really-happening sensation. The nagging earache that comes from a staunch "if-the-music's too loud, you're too old" doctrine- the subsequent capitulation to earplugs and the desperation to hide them with my hair. We drive home, the sky darkens, karaoke to meme songs and Hysteria by Muse. Tension between my shoulder blades, guitar strap tan lines. 5:30 this morning I was awake, curled in a ball in bed, thoughts racing and I'm not sure why but I think it had something to do with the fact that this kind of a day was what I always hoped high school would be. High school is stupid but mostly good.

Our keyboardist/taco model is also an artist. See here.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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