How to Make Sweetheart Cookies with Natural Coloring

You know those heart candies that circulate around Valentine's Day? The ones that taste like soap and say sassy things like "whatever" and "in ur dreams" (I think most of them say nice things, but I only remember the rude ones)? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.
This Valentines' season, I decorated cookies like Sweethearts and they turned out really cute! I won't call this a recipe because I didn't I didn't come up with a cookie recipe. It's more of a "here's what I did last weekend and it actually turned out decent." I decorated normal sugar cookies and added different kinds of icing. Instead of food coloring, I used various naturally-colored foods to give them different bright hues.

How to make Sweetheart Cookies <3
Heads up: this took me about five hours total.

Step 1. Make sugar cookies! Or whatever cutout cookie you want. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut them. It's hard to write words on small cookies, so try for bigger cookies.

Step 2. While the cookies cool from the oven, make icing. I make this super simple powdered sugar icing that my mom taught me years ago (it featured on The Blergh for the first time in this recipe). Combine powdered sugar and water and stir until icing reaches a desired consistency. It should be thick but not stiff. I ended up using about 1/4 tsp water for every 1/3 cup powdered sugar. I made multiple bowls of this and made each a different color.
Pink: Stir in about 1/4 tsp raspberry (or any berry) preserves. You'll notice I have several different shades of pink, because I made several batches and with different amounts of the preserves.
Green: Stir in about 1/4 tsp matcha powder.
Yellow: Stir in about 1/4 tsp apricot (or other yellow fruit) preserves.
Orange: Stir in about 1/4 tsp apricot (or other yellow fruit) preserves and a tiny pinch of turmeric.
Once you've added the coloring, you may need to add more sugar or water to get it back to the consistency you want.

Step 3. Spread the icing over the cookies.

Step 4. While the icing hardens, make the frosting for the writing. I made a quarter batch of buttercream frosting, split it into two bowls, and added 1 tsp rapsberry preserves to one of the bowls. I used the non-raspberry frosting for the dark pink cookies, but I found that I liked the look of the raspberry one better, so I used it for the rest of the cookies.

Step 5. Using a toothpick, write words onto the cookies. I guess you could pipe the frosting, but I was trying not to use plastic here. :)
Some of the things I wrote were typical, and then I got a little silly. Not everything turned out, but it was fun making them and the ones that worked well were absolutely adorable. Get creative! Write dumb stuff! Write cheesy stuff!  View the pictures below the instructions to see some of the silly stuff I wrote.

Step 6. Let them harden overnight and then share them with your loved ones (including yourself)!

reggae cookies

If you make these cookies, please send me pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or via email. If you don't make these cookies, please send me pictures of the cookies you don't make on InstagramFacebook, or via email. You can't send pictures in the comments below, so maybe just send me nice poems.

And now, as promised, a Valentine. On this Instagram post, I said that whoever guessed what the expression was made out of would get a Valentine just for them. Nobody guessed correctly, but my buddy Alex gets a Valentine for her effort of calling me, enraged because she couldn't figure it out. Go look at her art, it's amazing.
This is definitely what my dad intended when he got me Photoshop.
By the way, it was spinach.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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