A Few Things I Am Very, Very Thankful For, and some low-quality pictures of desserts

...and some low-quality pictures of desserts.

Chocolate pound cake while watching (and making fun of the judges on)
the Westminster Dog Show

1. Snow
When I'm flying through the air on a ski lift and fat flakes whip my raw, exposed nose and cheeks. Fingers numb through gloves. The flakes melt on the seat, but they stick and stay on the gloves.

Fruit cobbler. Mom and I got massages this night. Add massages
to this list of things I am thankful for.

2. Stars
Looking out the window for the first time after the sun sets and there's the mountain, just the outline of it, the glow of it against the moon and then... the stars, forever high you look they continue. And a little below, beyond, imitating the stars are the warmer dot lights of the city in the valley. Little lives carry on unbeknownst to their watcher.

Partial view of the brown butter panna cotta at The Mariposa

3. A body that functions
Not just the skiing, although I'm immensely grateful for that. Running upstairs, breathless in the altitude. Walking around a grocery store. Standing, leaning against the stove to flip tortillas as they puffed. Playing guitar, stretching, pirouettes in socks in the kitchen. It's not perfect but it works and that is a wash of hope.

Blurry capture of "strawberries and cream" in a chocolate cookie
shell from The Mariposa

Homemade chocolate cups and "rochers" for my parents and I
made together on Valentine's Day.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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