This Enlightenment Thinker Changed the World For Good

In my AP World History class, we're leaning about the Enlightenment era and its great thinkers that led us into a modern view of humanity. I already knew the basics- "JOHN LOCKE INFLUENCED AMERICA'S FOUNDING FATHERS" is the history equivalent of "THE MITOCHONDRIA IS THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL." I was glad my class went a bit more in-depth than that.

One of the thinkers we looked at was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, best known for his idea of the Social Contract: a people must agree to the institutions of a lawful society in order to have a safe, peaceful existence. Rousseau also wrote some books that critiqued the social standards of the 18th century and described his own personal thoughts on mundane matters.

I was watching this video and I came across the following quote:

"I have conceived of a new genre of service to render to man: this is to offer them the faithful image of one amongst them in order for them to learn to know themselves."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Know what that sounds like to me?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the first blogger.

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Do you think Rousseau would be please with this conclusion?

World peace and love,

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