How to Make Toast Video

Pear Peanut Butter Toast video is live now!

This video was my first time using Premiere Pro, so I tried to channel all the energy of that video that one of my friends made with Premiere Pro when she was in sixth grade at a film camp.

You can find the full recipe in The Blergh Effortless Favorites e-Cookbook with design by Super Emazing coming soon to Paramount Home Entertainment.
Download the FREE PDF HERE.
This link will not, as I told my friends in AP Physics the other day, download Trojanware onto your computer that turns all your documents into my recipes. At the time, these friends were "hacking" The Blergh and replacing all the logos with pictures of Obama.
If that's not the kind of experience you're having in high school, you're doing it wrong.

Currently accepting your superficial affection in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram. If anyone wants to donate their legs to me so I can go back to dance, that would be great, too.

World peace and love,


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