How to Make a Bullet Journal-Calendar Hybrid

If you don't have time to keep a full fledged bullet journal, this post is for you.

I've made my own calendar for several years now, and in 2019 I decided to use my calendar as a journal of sorts, too. My bujo-calendar offered a sumptuous indulgence to my organizational cravings, and it looks real pretty, too.

DIY Bullet Journal-Calendar Hybrid
Special thanks to my plant friend for sprucing up my photos.

I do everything in pencil with a ruler first, then go back over my sketches with my ruler and a pen.

The first step is to plan the calendar. I started with a "year overview" page. This included: the days of each month, upcoming events, goals for the year, an index, and a monthly tracker(explained below). The index is helpful for planning what pages you're going to make. I made a page for each month, with "season" pages as interludes.

By definition, bullet journals have grid paper, which provides a quick way to set up a calendar. But why would I go out and buy a whole new fancy grid notebook when I already had tons of journals at home? It was simple to use a ruler to sketch a calendar-style grid on each month's page, then write in the day numbers.

Each month, I set different goals and tracked something different. The goals and what I was tracking ranged from as concrete as a sidewalk to as abstract as Matisse (these similes make me uncomfortable, please don't read them).
The goals were for me to read through when I wanted inspiration, motivation, or just something to wake my brain up in the morning.
For the tracker, I colored in a box for each day. Obviously, green was the greatest success and red was the least. I kept a grid with a box for each month on the year overview page and colored it in for what the month's most frequent color was. Since each month I tracked something different, this didn't show progress, but it was kind of cool to see anyways. You can see what I'm talking about in the previous photos of the year overview page.

In each month, I drew a big box to write in whatever I wanted. Usually, that ended up as to-do lists.

I added a little grid for planning blog posts. You could use the same kind of grid for homework or deadlines.

As you can see, by the second half of the year I lost some of the artistry because of school(I'm not even posting September's page because it's so blah). but color-coding my calendar entries- green for compost, pink for self care, black for normal events, etc- helped me maintain mandatory cuteness.

In 2020, I'm doing a few things differently:
I'm tracking the same things the entire year: sleep(how much), exercise(what kind), and probably a few other things. I haven't decided yet.
I'm only tracking quantitative things, because I found when I tracked fluffy stuff like "how kind were u today :D" I would feel like I was being too generous when I gave myself a green, and would feel bad about myself if I colored in anything besides a green. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but bad feelings are not what we're going for here, friends.
I'm merging my blog planner portion into the main calendar.
I'm adding more decorations onto each page. Rather than leaving them to add in at the start of each month- a practice which would lead to me hurriedly scribbling in stick figures as I study for a test, no doubt- I'm going to draw in everything now, while I'm on break. It would be a lot of drawing if I were to do every page for the entire year, but...
I'm only drawing my calendar up to August! One, I run out of pages after that. Two, who knows where in the USA I'll be by then! Who knows what kind of a planner I'll need! Weird!

If you want to see the beginnings of this year's calendar, let me know in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram. You can also see my inspiration on my Pinterest board. I'm always looking for inspiration so share pics of your journals with me!

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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