Harry Potter Movie Night... En Español (the post is in English though)

Disclaimer: I have no intention of appropriating anyone's culture or disrespecting anyone. I love hispanic culture and am just trying to practice my Spanish. To best illustrate this, let me explain to you how this whole Harry Potter in Spanish shebang got started. If you don't care about my superhero backstory, skip past the pictures of the menus.

My school doesn't offer AP Spanish Lit, so this year, I'm reading all the books on the College Board list, then challenging the AP exam at the end of the year. Over the summer, both for fun and to get a head start, I tried read Don Quixote. I had never read a Spanish text of that length, and the archaic language made it even more confusing.
I decided to start smaller: How about Harry Potter? So I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in Spanish.  It was so much fun! I already knew the story, so I was able to figure out what unfamiliar words meant and get used to sentence structure.
As I was reading, a word caught my eye (see the Empanadas de Calabaza paragraph below) and suddenly I was fixed onto an idea.

Read the book, then watch the movie. In Spanish. Why not make a night of it?

cena de hogwarts
Sorting Sombreros
When cut, the triangle shape of the quesadilla looks a bit like a wizard hat. The idea was that different quesadillas would be stuffed with different veggies, each the color of a different Hogwarts house. I started each quesadilla with cheddar cheese, then added spinach for Slytherin, red and yellow bell peppers for Gryffindor, and just yellow bell peppers for Hufflepuff. I couldn't think of one for Ravenclaw. Black beans might have worked...
I mixed up all the different quesadillas in a bread basket, then had people choose one at random.
The idea was you can't see what's inside, then when you bite in, you see the colors and ta-da! That's your house! In reality, since a quesadilla is just a folded tortilla, you can sort of see what's inside before you bite in, and you still just sort of see what's inside after you bite in. No big reveal, although they were still tasty. To get the showy "reveal" part, maybe try stuffing the quesadillas thicker, then crimping the edges of each wedge. I haven't tried but it might do the trick. Let me know.

Bertie Bott's Spanish Flavor Beans and Rice
I started a basic recipe for Spanish rice, which, according to Wikipedia, is Mexican, not European Spanish as the name implies. It's white rice simmered in broth(I used veggie broth) and tomato sauce and a little garlic. I added black beans for protein and peas for a vegetable (and because peas is probably something Harry Potter would have actually eaten in England).

I served the entrees with guacamole, sour cream, and lime wedges. No Harry Potter connections with any of those-they just went with the food- but if you play around it's not hard to come up with some. Like, green slimy guacamole looks like some kind of wizardly monster. Or like troll bogeys. Gross.

postres de hogwarts
Empanadas de calabaza
This was what started the whole thing. You know how Hogwarts students are always chowing down on Pumpkin Pasties? Pasty literally translates to empanada. It makes sense. They're just two different cultures' version of hand pies.
I used this recipe and they were not only absolutely delicious but super fun to make! I added a little chile powder because I think it's delicious in desserts and it went with the theme. Also, I tried to make Hogwarts house-themed designs on each empanada's dough, but as I am a pastry rookie it didn't work out. I did learn a lot about pastry dough, though.
I ended up with a lot of pumpkin filling leftover, and my Mom came up with the brilliant idea of baking it. Hence the next item on the menu:

Pastelitas de caldera
Essentially pumpkin souffle. We just poured the leftover empanada filling into a couple of ramekins and baked it until it wasn't runny anymore. The ramekins looked like little cauldrons... Cauldron Cakes!

Helado (ice cream)
To me, desserts are just vessels for ice cream. Hagrid gets Harry ice cream on their first trip to Diagon Alley, so I figured ice cream was warranted here. I added a scoop of vanilla over top of my pastelita de caldera. Dulce de leche would be delicious here, if you have it.

Potterish detalles
Candles on the coffee table contribute to the aesthetic. I didn't actually light them because we were also loading food onto the coffee table and the last thing we need to do is knock a lit candle onto the living room carpet.

Make your movie night guests wear wizard hats. If everyone wears them, then it's fun, not dorky, right?

Because it's a movie night, duh. You can pretend they're Invisibility Cloaks, I guess.

Speak Spanish(or English, or Elvish, or anything, really) to me in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram. Seriously. I need the practice.

Savvo 'lass a lalaith,

Heather <3

P.S. I make this sound like I had a super cool party with a ton of friends. The truth is, I did have a super cool party. With my parents. I'm a wild teenager.

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