Thanksgiving Carol

I kept my promise. Sort of.

In this post, I promised to post one of my Thanksgiving carols if I gained two or more followers on Instagram between the beginning of November and Thanksgiving. Thanks to Letty Flatt noticing me ahh!!, I passed that number.

I was going to post a video of me playing guitar and singing a carol. Except I was having a hard time playing guitar and singing at the same time. I usually only do that with really easy, simple-meter, 4-chord Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. So I recorded a video of myself playing the chords, then recorded a video of myself singing while the video of myself playing the chords played(there are simpler ways to state the previous sentence, but none quite so amusing and confusing).

After some consideration, I decided that a video of me singing shaky high notes as I haphazardly strum my unplugged guitar is not how I want to debut my career as a hard rocker.

Instead, transcribed here for you are the lyrics to an untitled Thanksgiving carol. As usual on The Blergh, please don't take anything I say too seriously. I have nothing but respect for history and all the people of the U.S. I'm just trying to have fun and I'm never certain my internal sarcasm makes it from my brain to my blog posts.

We'll take some cranberry out of a can
So different from good old days when we didn't own the land
Just showed up here out of the blue with a rifle in each hand
Happy Thanksgiving to the man

The first few nights were rough
But Captain John Smith said that we won't eat until we get tough
So we worked real hard and now we finally have enough 
Of someone else's stuff

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving
It's a mixed bag, but we're gonna take it
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving
History is what you make it

This next stanza doesn't quite fit so I haven't included it with the rest of the song. It's more of me playing around with history references.

Turn on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
on down to Wall Street where we built a wall to stop the native raids
But we only have room for goodwill on this day
'Til King George makes us pay

you can insert another raucous chorus here if you want

If you put this song to music, send it to me via email, on Instagram, or on Facebook. If it's close to how I play it, you shalt surely be rewarded. You can also analyze my song lyrics and implicit blog-tone self-deprecation in the comments below.

Here is the only part of the video I will post. This was unplanned- I had forgotten I did that in the first video- but they lined up perfectly.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, dudes. Among many things, I'm thankful for freedom of speech to post on my silly little Blergh.

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