DIY Puzzle Place Cards

Thank you, last year me, for being creative so that I have something cool to blog about whilst in the throes of college application/college interview/yearbook deadline/Nutcracker season.

These puzzle place cards livened up last Thanksgiving with my family and our close friends and they were. so. easy. Don't flinch at the word "puzzle"- no fancy scissorwork here. You don't need to rev up your jigsaw.

Here's how it's done. It's so simple I probably don't even need to explain it but why else would I blog if not to tell people things they already know?

DIY Puzzle Place Cards

1. Start with one piece of paper. I used heavy-duty watercolor paper because that's what I have and it's nice to draw on. Although flimsier, the paper from your printer would work just as well.

2. On one side, draw something. I drew Earthquake. If you're not into drawing, you could write a poem or a quote, or even print a photo onto it. Or sketch a hand turkey!

3. On the other side, sketch a grid with the same number of boxes as the number of people who will be at the table. I had an even number of people, so I made each of the place cards the same size. If you have an odd number of people, it could be fun to make each of the place cards a different size or even a different shape so that they still fill up the whole page.

4. In each of the boxes, draw a name and decorate it, if you so desire.

5. Then cut each place card out. Take no regard for the beautiful work of art you created on the back. Cut those place cards out. Cut them.

6. Place the cards in each person's place at the table.

7. After dinner, challenge your guests to assemble the picture on the back of each of their place cards! I don't have pictures of this but I remember it being pretty fun.

FYI I wasn't drinking wine. All the adults
were. I'm a lawful kiddo.

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