Baking Every Single BREAKFAST in Our Favorite Cookbook - The Chocolate Snowball Breakfast Delights

My favorite cookbook right now is The Chocolate Snowball by Letty Flatt. It's the cookbook for the Deer Valley ski resort. My family and I have visited friends up in Deer Valley every year for as long as I can remember, and the ski slopes and cozy lodges hold a special place in my heart that Deer Valley's food has a knack for evoking. The hot fudge sauce from The Chocolate Snowball has never not improved my day by 150%. Every time my mom and I made the sauce, we would flip through the rest of the pages and sigh, "I want to make that" about every single recipe. Finally, we decided, let's do it. Let's make every single recipe in The Chocolate Snowball.

We started at the very beginning: the Breakfast Delights. Nine months later, we've finally made everything in the section.

Here's the thing about being a senior in high school: I spend all my free time writing application essays. I'm done with the actual college ones, but I'm still working on applications for scholarships, honors colleges, etc. etc.
Here are the results: we baked mostly on Friday nights, except in the summertime. As a result, most of the photos have yellow indoor nighttime lighting, and most of the photos are not nice photoshoots but rather blurry shots of some kind of baked good thing accompanied by a minimum two scoops of ice cream (usually a lot more). I'm telling you this because some things might look gross, but there is not a single recipe in this section that was gross. They were all delicious. Baking at night also worked out because I don't usually eat dessert-foods at breakfast time, and these were all dessert-style breakfasts (I like the idea of dessert for breakfast but I rarely feel like it come morning. So I usually accompanied each of these with mass amounts of ice cream).
Also, most of these pictures are unedited because I just don't have time amongst all the school-y goings-ons, but I still wanted to get this posted. We'll call it a rustic, home-y feel.
Edit summer 2020: This was originally in two parts, but I combined the two posts into one for easier access!

My mom can't eat dairy, so we made almost all of them dairy free. As a result, some are vegan- I've indicated which with (V). I've also marked favorites. I hope you're inspired to bake and treat yourself!

Deer Valley Granola (V)
The recipe called for dry milk powder and I didn't know what to use as a non-dairy substitute, so left it out even though the recipe description said that was what gave the granola its unique flavor. I also didn't have coconut, or sesame seeds, or pumpkin seeds. Instead, I added flaxseed powder, chopped walnuts, and extra almonds and sunflower seeds. It tasted really good, but I'm not sure this counts as following the recipe.

Pumpkin Pecan Bread
The first recipe we made. We followed the recipe exactly.

Cranberry Orange Bread (V)
The last recipe we made, because we started this journey in March and had to wait until November to get fresh cranberries. It's so moist, and the specks of cranberries look like festive pink confetti. We replaced the butter with margarine to make it dairy-free, and left out the nuts because I'm not big on nuts in baked goods.
the pretty batter!

Chocolate Zucchini Bread (H's favorite)
I had always been wary of zucchini in sweets, but the zucchini disappeared when baked into this rich chocolatey bread, leaving only its moisture. We replaced the nuts with extra chocolate chips. I brought some in to school and one of my friends liked it so much I later baked her another loaf as a graduation present. After this zucchini success, I started adding zucchini to oats sometimes. Highly recommend.
We replaced the cream cheese with margarine the first time to make it dairy free, but when I made it again for my friend I used cream cheese. There didn't seem to be much of a difference.

Sunshine Muffins
We didn't read the information at the beginning of this section on how we should make more muffins with the same amount of batter if we don't have what Letty calls "Texas size" muffin tins, so we tried to pour all our batter into our normal size tins, which turned out comedically messy. Packed with nutritious goodies, these muffins were absolutely delicious. The sunflower seeds turned green after a day but still tasted fine. Cool.

Banana Raspberry Muffins
Classic muffins with sweet jems of melty gooey berries. We replaced the butter with margarine and the milk with soy milk.

Blueberry Corn Muffins
I'm not big into blueberries, but the recipe suggested replacing blueberries with raspberries or blackberries, so we used raspberries and these muffins were delicious.
This is a terrible picture but it has relaxing
vibes, probably thanks to Earthquake.

Healthy Heart Muffins
Another example of this baking journey pushing me out of my comfort zone: I had always regarded prunes as the gross thing old people eat to poop. I think that's probably influenced by Captain Underpants, that great work of contemporary literature. Anywho, when in muffins like these, prunes were sooo good. I have a particularly strong memory of eating a couple of these muffins for breakfast, dolloped with peanut butter, then heading to work and feeling so cool with my nutritious, delicious, aesthetically-pleasing breakfast and my writer gig.

Banana Maple Nut Coffee Cake (H's favorite)
The bottom picture is a terrible photo but I'm posting it because it documented what I remember to be a particularly wonderful night in summer for no specific reason. The coffee cake made the house smell good all day. Nobody in the family had any plans or commitments that night. We watched West Wing and ate this absolutely breathtaking cake and of course I added my favorite ice creams. Afterwards I cuddled with Earthquake for a long time. So nice.
We substituted margarine for butter.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
We substituted Violife, a coconut-based vegan "cream cheese" that worked really well, and margarine instead of butter. The raspberry swirl in the middle was so pretty and such a cheerful pop of flavor.
you've seen this photo before

Dried Cherry Scones (V)
We substituted margarine for the butter, full-fat coconut milk with lemon juice for the buttermilk, and soy milk for the milk wash. These were so fancy and a huge hit with the whole family!

Oatmeal Rosemary Scones
I had never tried rosemary in a sweet bread before, but it worked really well. In addition to just eating them as scones, we topped them with macerated strawberries, strawberry-shortcake style.
We substituted coconut milk for the cream and margarine for the butter.
4th of July + scone

Honey Sticky Buns
I think we might not have made enough glaze- they seemed a little dry, like they could use some more of the "sticky goo" on the other side. But overall no complaints- delicious, enormous, and fun to eat because they were so sticky! We substituted soy milk for the evaporated milk and margarine for the butter.

Good Friday Hot Cross Buns
I'm usually against dried fruit in baked goods, but all the different fruits made each roll look like it was sprinkled with confetti, and each bite was a different pop of flavor. I ended up making extra icing to add after the initial crosses. We substituted soy milk for evaporated milk and margarine for butter.

Beth's Tea Ring
Because The Chocolate Snowball is the cookbook from a ski resort, every recipe is marked like a ski slope, with a green circle for the easiest recipes and a black diamond for the hardest. This was the first black diamond we tried and it was so much fun to make! We were so proud that it looked so close to the photo. The apricot glaze matched really well with the cinnamon filling, too.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Brioche Rolls
We ended up just using butter in these because butter is what makes brioche brioche. They were huuuge in diameter, but not too thick, so you got cinnamon coating with each bite.
cinnamon roll banana split

By the way, happy December! I opened the first tab in my DIY Eco-Friendly Advent Calendar this morning and it told me to drink tea. It's not too late to make your eco-friendly advent calendar. Click here for how I did it.
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World peace and love,

Heather <3

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