5 Fun, Simple Ways to Get Into the THANKSGIVING Spirit

I feel like it's been years since I've posted(it's been two weeks, calm down Heather) buuuuut on the bright side I got my college applications in! Wild.

Poor Thanksgiving. We run straight from the hallows of Halloween into a pit of commercialized Christmas cheer, trampling right over Thanksgiving. Not that I'm not into cheer, but when we pretend that Christmas season starts on November 1st, we take the bait of shallow money-makers who prey on our anxiety to buy holiday gifts, holiday decorations, etc etc. In the doing so, we miss an almost an entire month that could be devoted to cozy autumn.

I understand why we might feel uneasy celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving because it represents the persecution and destruction of countless Native American identities. But Thanksgiving doesn't have to commemorate brutality. I see modern Thanksgiving as a time to look around and appreciate what we usually take for granted: the land we live on, the food that fuels us, the people we love, the Lord of the Rings. You know, that kind of thing.

When I drafted this post, I wrote several long paragraphs extolling the virtues of Ye Olde Modern Thanksgiving and Its Ye Olde Relevance to Modern Society, then I erased most of it and told myself to chill out. Then I made myself laugh because everything sounds funny with Ye Olde in front of it, or everything sounds funny when you don't sleep very much, or both.

This November, don't let commercial interests rob you of a season of warmth, gratitude, and good feelings (insert image of President James Monroe). Here are 5 fun, simple ways to get into the Thanksgiving spirit.
from Sunshine Cupcakes

1. Treat yourself to a Snoopy-style Thanksgiving dinner.
While I can't endorse the food that Snoopy serves in "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" as a nutritious dinner, I think it would make a pretty fun snack or dessert: toast with thick pats of butter, jellybeans, pretzels- stick, not curly-, popcorn, and ice cream sundaes.
The jellybeans, popcorn, and pretzels could combine with those little toast-shaped crackers like the kind in Chex Mix for a cool DIY snack mix.

2. Write a Thanksgiving carol.
Over the past few years, I've written two Thanksgiving carols. On accident. They just popped into my head while I was driving. I'm convinced that the lack of Thanksgiving music is a major factor in the lack of a definite "Thanksgiving season." Think about it- you heard Christmas music on the radio on November 1st, didn't you? If one of us writes a decent enough Thanksgiving song, that could all change.
If I gain more than one follower on @theblerghblog Instagram between now and Thanksgiving, I'll post one of my Thanksgiving carols. Maybe even both of them. We'll see.

3. Write anything!
I first did NaNoWriMo six years ago, so it feels like an integral part of November and therefore Thanksgiving to me. The past few years, instead of doing the 50,000 word challenge(high school homework just doesn't allow for it :\), I've still been trying to write something, anything, every single day.
Journaling, writing notes to people, or even penning original stories gets that Thanksgiving vibe going because it forces you to get introspective but perceptive to the world around you at the same time. Then you notice all that you take for granted.

4. Make a hand turkey.
Why has it been so long since I made a hand turkey? Why do schools stop teaching the art of hand-turkey-making in elementary school? Imagine if you had to graph macroeconomic trends on paper hand-turkeys. I bet you wouldn't fall asleep in Econ anymore.

5. Climb a tree.
November is a prime month for tree-climbing here in Florida because it starts getting cool for the first time since March. So nice. I have this aesthetic of climbing mangroves in the cool weather and then going inside and the house smells like toasted pecans. That must have happened when I was eight or something.

I was gonna say "Hug a dog" as one of the ways, but you
should do that no matter the season.

Bonus: Make oatmeal.
I have two absolutely delicious and comforting oatmeal recipes on The Blergh: Creamy Pumpkin Oatmeal and my signature Seriously Good Spiced Apple Oatmeal. I recommend adding a dollop of peanut butte, maybe even Cinnamon Peanut Butter.

Are you in the Thanksgiving spirit? Tell me in the comments below and send me your hand turkeys and Thanksgiving carols via email, or on Facebook or Instagram. Don't forget that if more than one new person actually stoops to follow my lowly @theblerghblog Instagram before this Thanksgiving, I will post one of my FANTASTIC Thanksgiving carols.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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