5 Easy, Cozy Low-Waste Fall DIYs

You don't have to waste your paycheck on disposable dollar-store ghosts or expensive mass-produced plastic wreaths. It's easy- and crazy fun- to create your own fall ambiance with natural materials you can find in your pantry and backyard.

It's so easy to reuse your glass bottles to set a cozy vibe: stuff them with fairy lights, arrange dried flowers in them, or, like I did here, wrap them with cute DIY signs. Although this link takes you to a Halloween one, it's easy to change it to general autumn. I challenge you to think of something more creative than the over-Pinterested "happy fall y'all."

Leaf banner
One of the most fun parts of this is that you get to romp around outside looking for just the right leaves! I haven't made a banner like this before, but I have drawn on leaves for place settings and even drawn jack-o-lantern faces on big sea grape leaves for beachy Halloween decorations. Just makes sure there are no critter crawling on your leaves before you start working on them. ;)

I love gourds! Their smooth surface makes them so fun and relaxing to paint. I have used gourds to make a vase for fall flowers, a dish for Halloween candy, and adorable-as-heck gourd ghosties.

Witch's Brewluck Tablescape
Harmony uses real pumpkins and other squashes to decorate her table. It adds natural elegance and also puts less unnatural garbage in our landfills.

Apple Toner
My all-natural toner is just water and apple cider vinegar. The apple-y scent gets me bright and peppy in the morning, but don't worry- it fades as the toner dries so you don't smell like apple cider vinegar all day.

Let me know if you try this fall stuff or if you were offended by me calling out your plastic fall wreath. Behind me, my parents are watching a movie in Swedish. None of us speak Swedish. Talk to me in Swedish (or in English or Spanish, languages I actually understand)(or in Elvish please) in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram.

Savvo 'lass a lalaith,

Heather <3

My spiced apple oats are another one
of my favorite ways to enjoy autumn!

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