5 Delicious Meals From Hurricane Dorian Break

Hurricane Dorian swept by us, never touching land. The Category 5 behemoth was more like a tropical storm. My town is very lucky.
And I still got a full week off school!

I planned on keeping a  "hurricane diary" like I did with Matthew and Irma, but reading over them, they were really boring and a source of some iffy vibes for me. On top of that, there wasn't much hurricane-ish to record this time around. The power didn't even go out. I say this with gratitude.

However, we enjoyed some seriously tasty food. Here are some of my favorites from this past week. I've included links to the recipes- I'd wager they'd be delicious even without a hurricane hurtling towards you.

We made lentils:
I stirred peas in for a vegetable. This might be one of my new favorite foods- I love the warm curry spices. So much, in fact, that I made another Indian lentil dish a few days later.

Lentil Spinach Keema
We didn't have saffron for the rice, so I used turmeric instead. Same color, lovely flavor, and you get all those antioxidants and anti-inflammatories(whatever that means).
Lentil stew is just not the most aesthetically pleasing.
But turmeric rice the color of Spongebob is.

My dad made some wicked desserts:
Southern Peach Pie
The day before the mandatory evacuation was announced, my dad and I went to Publix and bought six huge peaches, which he used to make a beautiful pie that we shared with some friends.
"I followed the recipe exactly," he says, then launches into all the things he changed.
-Used the same crust recipe, but made it into a lattice for the top crust.
-Added a pinch of nutmeg to the fruit mix.
-Added lemon zest in addition to lemon juice.
-Instead of brushing it with egg wash, he brushed the top crust with milk.
Homemade peach pie, blueberry pie from Joan's Perfect Pies
Sauteed Stuffed Figs with Blueberries
This is one of my dad's favorite things to make, firstly because it's delicious, secondly because it looks fancy, but it's not complicated to make. We had a friend staying at our house for the storm, so he whipped this up and served it with vanilla ice cream.

A ton of smoothie bowls
A few months ago, some relatives brought us two bags overflowing with mangoes from their trees in Miami. We couldn't eat them as fast as they were ripening, so we sliced some and stuck them in the freezer. With the threat of the hurricane came the possibility of the power going out, and I didn't want all those mangoes to get gross if the freezer went out. So I made mango nice cream for breakfast almost every day.
Mangoes have more water in them than bananas, so mango nice cream is icier than banana nice cream. This is great if you want it to stay cold while taking pictures, but it also causes a lot more brain freeze!
I started adding red dragonfruit to the mango, which eliminated the iciness and created a brighter pop of flavor.
(Red dragonfruit is my latest discovery. It's sweeter and juicier than its white counterpart, and it's beautiful. The first time I cut into one, I almost teared up with joy because it looked so cool. I'm an idiot like that.)

I hope y'all are staying safe with a hurricane on the rampage. I'm currently looking for something I can do to help the Bahamas- if anyone knows of any organizations or has ideas, get in touch with me in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram.

World peace and love and an end to single-use plastics for all,

Heather <3

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