Upcycle Your School Notebooks in 5 Easy Steps

I'm always surprised when I see people buying new binders and notebooks every school year, even when their old ones were in fine condition at the end of the prior year. Why not just transform the old ones into something new and beautiful?

Step 1. Find magazines lying around the house. Before doing anything with them, make sure everyone else in the family is done reading them.
Mine happened to be the Duke Engineering magazine and the Rice alum magazine.

Step 2. Flip through the pages until you find images that interest you.
 Rip them out. Quickly. Brutally. With no regard for neatness and no effort to conserve the whole picture.
Sometimes, the full page comes cleanly from the book, and other times you end up with scraps.

Step 3. Arrange them on the covers of the books.

Step 4. For binders with those plastic cover things on front(what are they called? nobody has been able to tell me and I don't know), slip the arrangements in. For anything without cover thingies, glue the clippings on.
If you want your arrangements to stay together inside the cover thingies, you might need to glue them together. I liked tossing the different scraps in and letting them float freely.

Step 5. Add a scrap with your name and the name of the class into the mix!

This is great for several reasons. One, you're making use of something that would otherwise go in the trash (hopefully the recycling bin!) when you're done with it. You're using that instead of using a new sheet of paper to print or draw your own cover.
I've been reusing most of my school binders since seventh grade and one of them even since fourth, so I also like this decoration because it hides blemishes and anime drawings from middle school.
Also, it's really pretty. It's the aesthetic equivalent of Polaroid wall collages framed by fairy lights.

Send me pics of your artsy decorated notebooks! Email, Instagram, Facebook, and the comments below are all at your disposal. You can even send me pictures of undecorated, non-artsy notebooks. That would be weird. But I wouldn't mind.

On a side note, this year I'm running the Instagram for the local Marine Resources Council- follow @marineresourcescouncil for updates on environmental causes and a lot of pretty Florida nature photos. :)

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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