The Really Good Green Smoothie Video

Not to be melodramatic, but the moment I first tasted this smoothie was the moment I realized the potential a smoothie had to be both delicious and nutritious. The Blergh as we know it may not have come to be had it not been for this smoothie.

Metaphysics aside, the recipe video is now live on Youtube!

This video is intended to supplement the recipe, which you can find in The Blergh Effortless Favorites eCookbook. Download the PDF for free here. Super Emazing designed it, so you know it's good.
I'm making these recipe videos because sometimes it's easier to understand a recipe if you see it being done for yourself. That said, the recipes in the eCookbook are ridiculously easy. So you should have no problem.

If I sound like my brains are made of fluff and specks of dust, it might be true. After slaying the first full week of senior year (woo WOO), I have spent the weekend in Nutcracker auditions and SAT prep. While I enjoy being busy and balancing 750 things on the top of my head, I am currently feeling a little floaty and close to an out-of-body experience maybe.

I hope you make the smoothie. It's really good. Tell me how good it is in the comments below, via email, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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