Berry Smoothie Bowl Video!

Live on Youtube now!

This is the first recipe in The Blergh Effortless Favorites eCookbook. It was one of the first smoothie bowls I ever made and it was so good that I've made it again and again. Download the free PDF of my cookbook for full details of the recipe.  @super.emazing designed it, so you know it's good.

I cannot stress how much I don't want my YouTube to be something that you mindlessly binge-watch. Few things make me sadder than seeing people wasting time, time full of the potential to be something beautiful, with glazed eyes glued to video screens. It's one thing if you're learning, if you're immersed in an art, if you're communicating. It's another if you just can't peel your eyes away from the brainless soulless pixels of a screen, if you can't remove your mind from the gratuitous easy entertainment of a YouTube video about unboxing a phone or cutting soap or something like that.
I make videos because I enjoy putting them together. I like the challenge that filming presents to me of being honest in cooking, with good technique and thoughtful food styling, I like piecing clips together, I like finding music(soon you'll get to hear @modxdoesart's music in my vids!). I hope that every video, like every blog post, has some sort of use to you, even if it's just to inspire you. I make videos so you can watch them to better understand how to make a recipe, or get ideas for how to style your food. Please, please, never watch my videos just to pass time. There are so many things you could be doing in your life. Write a song. Dance. Step outside and breathe in the air. Create your own entertainment for a change.

I wrote this rant in about seven minutes very late at night so if it's coherent, congratulate me in the comments below, on email, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or talk to me in real life since everybody who reads this blog is in my family or close to it. :)

Get the heck off the internet for a few minutes. Good night. World peace and lots of love,

Heather <3

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