6 Steps to a Healthier-Minded Workout

Health is just as emotional as it is physical. Your workout won't give you what you want if you go into it with an unhealthy mindset. If you exercise to attain someone else's approval or a certain body size or shape, you'll feel miserable, not satisfied.

I can't claim to be a ripped cardio-busting Miami Beach model, and I don't know much beyond high school physiology. But I do work out every day, and I love it, and it makes me feel fantastic. I'm not here to tell you how to tone or slim or get a Brazilian butt or whatever. I'm here to help you love your sweat sesh. I'm like your workout fairy or something. Paragraphs like this are why noone reads my blog.

6 Ways to Have a Healthier-Minded Workout

The right time
Everyone is different, so play around until you find what works best for you.
What I do  If I don't move my body first thing in the morning, I'm about as grumpy and creaky as an octogenarian. Working out right before or right after breakfast makes me feel the most energetic.

It also helps to wear unicorn leggings. It's hard to
feel blah when you have unicorns on you.

How Muscles Are Built, a Guide By Heather Based on One Year of High School Anatomy and Physiology: When we exercise, we make tiny rips in our muscles. When the muscles are not in use, the torn parts can be rebuilt. Our bodies add extra muscle cells to the areas that were ripped. We have to give our muscles time to do this. Note: the faster our metabolism, the faster it works, but metabolism is different for everyone.
Alternating the types of exercise you do will allow for different muscles to work on different days. Taking a rest day is, of course, very helpful, as long as you make sure you're still eating well, hydrating, and doing some gentle movement like walking.
What I do I used to take rest days, but recently I've had so much energy that I literally can't sleep at night if I don't get some form of exercise. Instead, I try to do a longer yoga and/or pilates session, with less or no cardio, every once in a while.
I like Yoga with Adriene for yoga and Anastasiya Goers for pilates.

You know how I said that our bodies have to repair the rips in our muscles? They need something to make those new cells out of. In a roundabout-chemical-process kinda way, the food we eat becomes our new cells.
I don't want to say "eat this" because I'm not a nutritionist or a food scientist or even a high school graduate(yet) and everyone has different needs anyways. I have, however, talked with nutritionists and food scientists (I'm assuming they graduated high school) and they all agree that the healthiest diet is one with a wide variety of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. That's the only real, solid fact I can offer and it's about as vague as a politician's answer to a press question.
What I do  Just because of how my day is laid out, I usually end up eating a meal before a workout. I try to give myself at least about an hour after a meal before intense exercise, just so I don't feel gross haha. After, I try to refuel with whole foods. A banana and a glass of milk, a banana with peanut butter (I love bananas), or a homemade granola bar loosely based off Cookie and Kate's recipe have been my recent go-tos.

A while ago, I made this apple mug cake thing as a
post-workout snack. It was tasty but I didn't write down
 the recipe. If I make it again I'll be sure to post it.

Be Productive

If you're using some kind of a cardio machine that allows you to have free hands, you might want to try to work your brain at the same time as your body. I wouldn't recommend writing a thesis or sealing a business deal while working out (unless you're Josh Lyman from The West Wing, I'm pretty sure he did that once), but it's a great time to check email, get lost in a good book, or READ THE BLERGH :))))
What I do  During the school year, I frequently ride the stationary bike while reading a textbook, doing online flashcards, or getting any other simple tasks done. It simultaneously eases the stress of working and the tediousness of endurance cardio.

photo by ModXDoesArt

Exercise outside
Something about being out in nature makes exercise feel less like work and more like an adventure. Fresh air and sunlight have long been prescribed as medicine to elevate our overall health. If you can't get outside, try to work out facing or near a window, letting natural light stream in.
What I do I love to swim, waterski, surf (don't take this to mean I'm a cool surfer girl. I'm terrible at surfing), and do yoga outside.

If you're inspired to get moving, check out my ski prep workout.

Let me know what you do to love your workout. I genuinely want to hear from you, as I constantly crave attention. Give it to me in the comments below, on Instagram, on Facebook, or via email.

World peace and love (it is, after all, Ringo Starr's birthday),

Heather <3

P.S. If you haven't noticed, we are now theblergh.com instead of theblergh.blogspot.com! Exciting!

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