5 Things I Love Right Here and Now

Pleased to report lots of good vibes recently.

Summer is weird because I feel an initial wash of serenity, but every other hour it's speckled over by "I-should-be" (I should be finishing my summer homework. I should be practicing guitar. I should be writing application essays). Even when I'm doing those things, the "I should be" tells me I should be doing something else. I remind myself that I have been pretty darn productive this summer, and anyways summer is meant for taking time to read and swim and do other things besides studying.

Here are some of the things that bring back the serenity to wash the "I should be" away.

I love that I live in the woods.
In the morning, when the new light filters through the trees in a blueish essence. At noon, when that same light makes polka-dot shadows with the leaves. When the crickets or frogs heave a collective sigh with the breeze. The scent of humidity, salty soil, humus. When it rains and everything turns shades of dark green and grey.

I love that I baked tofu nuggets.
I was feeling kind of stressed out a few days ago but then I turned off the lights, lit a candle, played a Gorillaz radio (#emo!!!111!!!11!), and made tofu nuggets. I used Delish Knowledge's recipe. They were good!

I love that @super.emazing made Blergh bags.
If you pre-ordered one, you'll be receiving it soon!
I'm not just putting this on here to advertise. I love the bags and I love that Emma did this. It makes me feel like a Real Big Successful Blogger Person. And I love Emma's work and just her person honestly xo :)

I love playing Scrabble with my family.
More and more recently I've been realizing that Scrabble is the move? We grab our bowls of ice cream and settle down at the dinner table, glaring at our little letter-filled pews as if words will appear. Scrabble takes cutthroat braininess, that's what makes it fun.

I love hugs with Earthquake!
He's warm and nice.

What things chase away the "I-should-be"s for you? Tell me in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram and maybe I will mention them in my next posts. This is your chance to get famous! To the three people who read The Blergh.

Savvo 'lass a lalaith,

Heather <3

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