Spring Green Nice Cream Video!

The first video in the series accompanying my cookbook, The Blergh Effortless Favorites, is up on Youtube now! It's the recipe video for the Spring Green Nice Cream. I was going to do the recipes in the order they're in the book, but I wanted to put the spring-themed recipe out while it was still officially Spring.

You can download the PDF of The Blergh Effortless Favorites for free here or if you click on the "Stuff" page.

I'm still uneasy with the whole YouTube thing. For me, it sings too much of the of that late elementary/middle school era in which everyone, me included, coveted being a trendy YouTuber. The videos I posted were fun to produce, but they make me cringe now, so while I don't regret that phase, I don't fancy repeating it. So, dear future me, if at any time The Blergh YouTube videos make you cringe, I give you permission to delete them. But hopefully these videos are less cringe-y. They're turning out like the visions I have in my head.

itS nOt a PhAsE thIs iS ThE ReaL mE!!

Don't forget, you gotta order your Blergh reusable bags before July 4th and before they run out! "They're really cool-looking bags," said one customer with regards to the design by @super.emazing.

World peace and love and go to my Youtube,

Heather <3

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