The Aesthetics I Crave

Sometimes I get lost in the desire for a certain aesthetic. Something I've seen somewhere, or a scene I've created in my own mind. I'm pretty sure everyone does this- it's why people keep Pinterest boards, read fluff pieces in magazines, put up pictures on their walls. The closest I can get to describing it is that I want to create the scene for myself in order to satisfy my muse. Not all of my aesthetics have to do with food, but this is a foodie blog, so here we are.

Foodie aesthetics that haunt my inspiration:

Have you ever seen the movie The Rocker? There's a scene where the angsty songwriter kid is sitting a chill coffee shop eating a sandwich and I think it's a grilled cheese sandwich, and he's writing an angsty song. Granted, The Rocker is not exactly the fulfilling masterpiece of cinematic artistry but it was pretty funny and this particular image is so soothing. I want to write songs in a dim cafe with a cute lil sandwich.

When I'm in need of inspiration, I scroll to the early years of Earthy Andy's feed. I think that's where this image comes from. I love looking at less-popular blogs or the posts of a blog before it got popular- I love when the messages are raw and unsponsored and the images are of someone's real breakfast, taken with the family camera. (Hopefully someone else likes this kind of thing too because then maybe they'll look at my blog).

I think this also comes from looking at Earthy Andy. I just want to be freshly cleansed of saltwater and wrapped in a clean light sweater and sitting cross-legged outside or near a window and laugh and smile with a bowl full of veggies and spices in front of me and the sun is setting with an electrifying glow ahhh.

My affinity for aesthetics is not all-consuming, but I do have to rein myself in at times to remind myself not to overthink things, not to take for granted the candid experiences that would happen whether I set them up or not. I have to remember that fiction is fiction (and social media is often fiction too). Don't overshadow the moments worth remembering by struggling to create the "perfect" moment.

Foodie aesthetics I have without realizing:

Almost every day.

Early on Monday mornings, Earthquake and I go to Einstein Bros to bring home fresh bagels for the family. Einstein Bros is one of the few chains I tolerate even though they rudely discontinued Ancient Grain bagels at the end of last summer.

Ahh. This was so nice to write. This is what blogs are for.

Buy Blergh bags. Each bag you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guy's gun (Imaginary gun. The Blergh does not endorse violence).

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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