The Blergh's 5th Anniversary Party!


Today is The Blergh's 5th Birthday!

I can't believe I'm not famous yet.


Five years ago I sat down at the family computer in the kitchen and opened up Blogger for the first time. Almost five years later, @super.emazing contacted me with a proposal to promote The Blergh and improve its design and readability. Here's what's been updated:

The design
Emma created a color scheme, a logo, a font scheme, social media icons, and more. She also helped me find a layout on Gooyaabi Templates. The layout is html which I don't know very well, but I'm learning as I go. So if something with the layout or function of The Blergh is a little off, let me know, but also know that I've probably noticed and am working on it by trial and error. That also means that I've haven't been able to implement everything Emma did just yet- but I'm working at it! I'll be an html pro soon.
Now would be the time to pay homage to the favicon. Remember the tomato with the blue and purple background? I made it on MS paint when I was twelve, at the start of The Blergh. Here's the post about it.

Ever looked at a recipe on The Blergh and said, "It would be so nice to have this at my fingertips"? Probably not because nobody reads my blog, but in case someone's out there, this eBook is for you. As the title suggests, The Blergh: Effortless Favorites is a collection of ten of my tastiest original recipes that take very little time, work, and/or skill. Some of these recipes are favorites already on The Blergh, while others are my daily go-tos that I hadn't written down until this point. Emma put the book together with a designer's meticulousness and an artist's touch. You can download the PDF on the Stuff! page.
I will also be posting a series of recipe videos to go along with the recipes in the cookbook. You'll be able to find those videos on The Blergh Youtube. I think videos can be helpful supplements to recipes because you can see how something should be done in addition to reading it about it. Also, it's just fun to make videos.

As part of Emma's project, she created a line of limited-edition The Blergh reusable shopping bags! They will be on sale only for the duration of this summer, so make sure to order yours now. You can rep the coolest blog around with its sweet new logo, all while helping the Earth by not polluting it with plastic bags.
I'll be releasing more information soon, so stay tuned for how to get your grubby hands on these bags. :)

Let's all give a big "thank you" and a gargantuan round of applause to Emma. She's very patient with certain flaky bloggers, a whiz at design, and truly amazing. Follow @super.emazing - she's on her way to the top.

I wrote this post very fast so if there are any egregious grammar errors, I ask that you correct me in the most condescending manner you can come up with. Meanwhile, I will be celebrating this momentous milestone in Blergh history by opening my compost bin for the first time in a very long time. That should be interesting.

World peace and love,



  1. Although perhaps incomplete, the redesign is already looking great! Great logo as well, kudos to Emma


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