Secondhand Prom Look

Think about it: so many people buy fancy prom dresses, wear them once, then donate them to a consignment store. Why should you buy new when you can find one of those dresses at a secondhand store? It's cheaper. It creates less waste. Many thrift stores send their revenues to a good cause. Plus, you might just find something really unique.

For my first-ever prom last month, I combined thrifted clothes with hand-me-downs to create a no-waste, low-expense prom outfit. This is not a fashion blog post. I do not know anything about fashion. Please do not mistake any part of The Blergh for a fashion blog. But let me tell you, I felt so glamorous. Special thanks to my mom for letting me scour her closet, to A for a professional-level makeup job, and to both of them for patiently accompanying me to two million different secondhand stores and taking one million pictures of me.

I know it's a little late for prom season now, but choosing thrifted, hand-me-down, or homemade clothes and accessories is a good choice for your wallet, your planet, your community no matter what you're dressing for. And it's just cool.

-The dress: Goodwill. $7. I was literally standing in line to buy one dress at the end of a few hours at Goodwill when I turned around and saw the one.
The photos got grainy when they transferred
but photo (and makeup!!) creds to A.

-The shoes:
 Also Goodwill. Also $7. They're Jennifer Lopez brand, which I find funny for some reason even though it's not weird at all that J-Lo has a line of shoes. There was a little rip in the top of one of them, so I embroidered some thingamajigs into it.

-Bracelet: the bottom of my mom's jewelry box.

-Earrings: Also my mom's jewelry box. Handmade by my sister.

-Clutch: I found a clutch at Goodwill, then realized it looked exactly like the one my sister had used at her high school prom. So I hunted that one down in my mom's closet instead.

-Necklace: The only thing that wasn't secondhand, but it was a Christmas present from my sister a few years ago and it went just right.
You can't really see the necklace in the
photo but again it's just a cute photo haha.
Photo creds to A.

After prom, a few friends and I went to see Infinity War. It was 2 in the morning and we were crying in the movie theatre. I just felt like I needed to mention this.

Next week is The Blergh's 5th birthday. What better time for some ridiculously cool updates done by a ridiculously cool person(I'm not talking about myself (for once))? Stay tuned, kiddos.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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