How to Make Eco-Friendly, Everyone-Friendly Breakfast for a Crowd

Shove it on a stick.

School is the priority, more than ever before for these next few weeks as I face upcoming AP exams, finals, student government elections, last-minute projects and essays, prom (totally an academic commitment amirite)... I'm not complaining, because I'm a total nerd and, on some bizarre innate level, I enjoy drawing loanable funds market graphs at eleven at night. The reason I started writing this paragraph was to justify the recent dumbness of my posts, but I realized that Blergh posts are usually dumb and I'm happy with it.

One of the projects I referred to above was an economics project in which groups of students had to sell breakfast to the student body. We came up with business plans, cooked, set up booths, and in one hectic hour clamor to sell our goods to frightened seventh graders who staggered through our gauntlet like Frodo through Shelob's lair.

My group was pretty awesome. We sold conventional breakfast sweets- French toast, cinnamon rolls, doughnut holes, fresh fruit- but we put them on skewers.

The advantages:
-very little waste. Wooden skewers are not recyclable, but they are biodegradable.
-look really cute
-easy to walk around with
-look really really cute
-you can make breakfast skewers with almost any sweet breakfast food- pancakes, waffles, even a savory skewer with hard-boiled egg and a soft cheese would be good.
-you can make a variety of combinations, so everyone gets something they like
-look really really really cute

Shoutout to my group, whose culinary skills totally carried the team! I cannot at all take credit for the skewer plan, that was all them- I just helped and took photos.

Our booth was punkrock-themed (when is anything I do not rock-themed?). We called ourselves "SHOVE IT (on a stick)" and somehow did not get disqualified. For your punk pleasure, here is the playlist.

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World peace and love,

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  1. Great breakfast recipe! I thought it was a great recipe for the light food lover, but it turned out that everyone loved it!

  2. Glad to hear it, photo retouching robot!

  3. Great thing to have whenever we like to have it. It is actually all day food, which means we can eat them whenever we want to. I loved it, amazing recipe.
    Best regards


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