My Latest Music Love is a Hispanic Hippie

I spent all day Sunday listening to this guy. For "homework."

(This is just a blurry picture of a tunnel but it has vibes)

For my AP Spanish class, I had to do a presentation on Juanes, a Colombian rocker. I had listened to a few of his songs before, but this week, I dove headfirst into his discography. His music spans from early 2000s rock to current reggaetones- songs in the current popular hispanic genre that mixes reggae and hip hop (mainstream examples are Gasolina and Mi Gente).

Truthfully, I'm pretty indifferent to the majority of his music. I like it, but it's not quite my style. Except the Mi sangre era. That's his long hair era. His hippie era. His main humanitarian era, so a lot of his songs are directed at issues going on in Colombia at that time.
What's cool about his style of music is that, along with the alternative rock vibes similar to American/English alt rock, Juanes mixes in Latino rhythms. It lightens up songs that could otherwise be angsty.
If you want to change the world: -SueƱos       -A Dios le Pido
If you want to fall in love: -Para Tu Amor       -Volverte a Ver

I can't really tell the difference between Juanes's most recent songs and the other reggaetones I hear on the radio. Unlike his rock music, its themes are less about spreading peace in the world and more about partying hard, which is good in its own sense. Usually, I only enjoy reggaetones for getting hyped in groups or driving home on Fridays.
This song is different: Esto No Acaba. It makes me feel like I'm laying on a cloud in a world filled with magenta light.

If you listen to his songs and like them, or if you have any peace-lover's music to share, let me know in the comments below, via email, or on Facebook or Instagram.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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