Dessert Inspiration, 3 Ways

Ready for some ~internet transparency~? These are all desserts I have actually eaten.

The Blergh and especially its Instagram tend to showcase the SuperMegaHealthGreenSmoothie side of the foodie world. I really do enjoy that stuff, but I also love me some crazy desserts. In reality, a wide variety of nutritious whole foods is what will best nourish our bodies- not just the smoothies or just the ice cream- but that's for another post. This post is for freaky desserts.
Ugh more ~internet transparency~: this was originally "Dessert Inspiration, 5 Ways" but two of the videos won't upload.

My goal with The Blergh is to produce quality content that is amusing, positive, and useful. I don't know about quality, but I think these videos are amusing and positive. To make them useful, I have provided the recipes.

Coconut Souffle with Chocolate Sauce, originally from the December 1998 Gourmet magazine.

I started with the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the Ghirardelli chocolate chip bag, but veganized it. In a banana split.

I started with the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the Ghirardelli chocolate chip bag, but veganized it and added cocoa powder. With ice cream and a candy cane melted down into jawbreaking-but-pretty pink candy.

Maybe you noticed that the baked goods were plant-based, but I still ate them with, like, a quart of ice cream. Part of that is so that a loved one who can't eat dairy could enjoy the treats; part of it is because I do believe that even a little bit less animal product means a little bit less cruelty and I don't have access to vegan ice cream; and part of it is that it's just fun to work a recipe like a puzzle, fitting different ingredients in. I hope you're inspired to treat yourselves, amigos.

Send me your desserts by email, on Instagram, or on Facebook. Or tell me a story in the comments below.

Savvo 'lass a lalaith,

Heather <3


  1. I am loving your recipes. I made a smaller version – of this. The recipe is very adaptable. A new family favorite!

  2. Wonderful Tutorial, thanks for putting this together! This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information .

    1. Thanks, Clipping Path Service! At least /you/ understand me.

  3. Wow ! amazing desert, banana and ice cream both are my favorite. I will try to make one for my self as well. Looks so yummy, I loved it. Looks very good.
    Best regards

  4. Wonderful desert you have made! your pictures make me hungry. Ah, love this and your work also!


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