This Band Almost Ruined Led Zeppelin For Me


Let me take you back to my elementary school days, when I first got access to the wealth of treasures that is iTunes (is iTunes still a thing? or do the hip kids just use Apple Music? I use iTunes). Onto my sparkly pink iPod Mini went every single Beatles, Ramones, and Muse song already in my family's iTunes Library thanks to my siblings. Then I searched up another group I had heard them rave about- Led Zeppelin- and downloaded an album onto my iPod.

I plugged in my earbuds, pressed play, and made a face.

Several long, disappointed years passed before I learned the truth. My keen elementary-school eye had not observed that this group was not, in fact, Led Zeppelin, but Dread Zeppelin.

I still remember my father explaining to me, laughter enriching his voice, about Dread Zeppelin, the band that did reggae covers of Led Zeppelin songs. It's "Dread" as in "dreadlocks," not as in "fearful apprehension." Oh, and their lead singer was an Elvis impersonator.

No wonder the version of Immigrant Song I heard on my iPod sounded so different from the version I heard in School of Rock.

Now that I know about Dread Zeppelin, I can appreciate it. It's pretty funny and surprisingly well-done. It doesn't hurt that I like reggae now. And, of course, I love Led Zeppelin. It's hard not to.

This is probably my favorite Dread Zeppelin song.
When you're craving groovy music, you can't go wrong with a Zeppelin, be it Led or Dread. Just make sure you know what you're getting in to.

Savvo 'lass a lalaith,

Heather <3

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