3 Can't-Miss Restaurants for Your College Road Trip

This past week, my parents and I drove about three thousand miles looking at colleges across the eastern United States. Along the way, we found some pretty awesome food.

Below I've listed gems from three of the college areas we visited, for your benefit when you're on your own college road trip.

Like anything I post on The Blergh, all the food I mention here is vegetarian, and most of it is vegan. I haven't included the names of the colleges here, because I don't want to imply bias to any school. Although, I don't think it would be too hard to figure them out based on the locations.

Durham, North Carolina
English Indian fusion
It was St. Patrick's Day, so my parents wanted to find an Irish pub. However, none of the establishments that claimed to be Irish in the area served actual Irish food. After a good amount of Googling, we located Viceroy- not Irish, but at least we could link the English-Indian cuisine to Europe. As a history nerd, I loved that the menu was clearly inspired by the era of English colonization in India.
My parents and I shared the Gobi Sukka-fried cauliflower with onion and curry leaves- as an appetizer, and I ordered the yellow curry as my main dish. Both were spiced beautifully, and warmed the belly and heart on a chilly winter's night.  Among a plethora of tasty veggies, the curry included jackfruit and okra, both of which I had eaten in other situations and not cared for. I was surprised to find that I really liked them in this dish.
FYI If you have no spice tolerance, like me, don't order anything above a "2" on the spice level.

Princeton, New Jersey
The Bent Spoon
Ice cream
I had seen reviews for the Bent Spoon online, so I dragged my parents around Nassau Street until we found it. As soon as I saw the array of creative ice cream flavors, I knew it was worth it. Although the Bent Spoon offers baked goods and ice cream with dairy, the sorbets are all dairy-free and just as creamy as ice cream. I'm not vegan, but when plant-based options are available I love to take advantage of them.
I had a scoop each of pear and dark chocolate sorbet. They tasted like someone had taken a pear and a bar of dark chocolate, respectively, and snapped their fingers to perform a magic spell that gave those foods the texture of ice cream. That sounds dumb but I've been in the car for a while and I'm not sure what it really means to write anymore. My point is- sorbet good. I also took a taste of my mom's coconut sorbet, and it was just as creamy and flavorful.
The spoon with which I sampled the pear sorbet was a metal spoon, the kind you stick in the dishwasher to reuse. The bowl and spoon that I got the ice cream in were both biodegradable. Yay!

Nashville, Tennessee
The Treehouse
Upscale contemporary
After struggling through the Spring Break crowds in the honky-tonk tourist streets of Nashville, we found our way into a quieter burrough of the city and landed at The Treehouse. With fairy lights and good music- seriously, play The Beach Boys and you win the key to my heart- The Treehouse exuded just right the Nashville vibe I was looking for.
I had the Ricotta Agnolotti and the Snow Moon Mint tea. If you've never heard of agnolotti before, neither had I. They're a dumpling-style pasta, kind of like raviolis, but without all the folds. One bit and the filling bursts with flavor in your mouth. Their house-made tea blend of mint, ginger, jasmine, and more was a lovely way to finish the meal, especially on a chilly night.
A word of advice on The Treehouse- it's on the pricey side, especially considering that the portions are not as big as what you would receive at other restaurants. I didn't mind the small portions because we couldn't take doggy bags on the road with us. But my parents, who actually had to pay for it, were a little ticked.

If you try any of these places, let me know in the comments below, on Facebook, on Instagram, or by email. If you want to slam your fingers against the keyboard, you can send that to me in the comments below, on Facebook, on Instagram, or by email as well. I just like to know that someone's there.

Gobi Sukka from Viceroy

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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