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My renderings of people's faces are masterful, they should put these in the Guggenheim.

The Twisted Fern inspired me to cook for myself. I don't know if that's great for business, since a restaurant relies on people not wanting to cook at home. Luckily, I think it has enough going for it to make up for that, haha. I certainly wanted to go back.
Here's what inspired me. The menu included dishes not only for omnivores but also for vegetarians and vegan- but they weren't the obligatory frozen veggie burger (which has its qualities, to be sure, but is not what we go to nice restaurants for). Every dish on the menu creative enough to be memorable and unique, but still well-thought out and intentional enough to comfort and satisfy hungry skiiers on a cold February night.
Additionally, for someone who decorates and photographs their food for fun, the presentation stood out to me. Every herb, every berry, every placement served a purpose beyond beauty. It was art with function.
Underneath everything at the Twisted Fern lies a core belief: real, whole foods from the earth are naturally nutritious and tasty. And that's what I strive to convey when I cook.

I had what they called the "Root Veg Cassoulet." Warm mouthfuls of hearty vegetable stew rolled with strong waves of herbs. My family and I shared both of their vegan dessert options, and while they were both great, the Olive Oil cake stood out to me. It was not overly sweet, but soft and succulent, accented with the freshest strawberries, candied pistachios, candied lemon, swirls of a coffee cream, and- the part that really caught my attention- marigold shoots. Who knew you could eat them? Who knew they would add so much subtle, elegant flavor?

By the way, I'm not getting paid to say this stuff, so you know I'm being honest. The Twisted Fern sparked new creativity in me and I want to pass that on. So if you're ever in Park City, give them a try.

World peace and love,


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