The Sights and Sounds That Made 2018

Music is a vessel for sentiment.  If I hear a song during a certain period of time, that song will bring the emotions of that time back to me any other time I hear it.  The songs written below are what 2018 sounded like for me, but they could also make a pretty sweet playlist for your 2019.
The songs are mixed into a gallery of photos from their respective time periods.  These photos are ones I deleted from my Instagram on the first day of 2019 (much like what I did last year)  because it bothers me to have more posts than followersIf you see something that looks tasty, click on the photo.  There might be a recipe linked.
 Light My Fire - The Doors
Draem Girl - No Vacation
Alter Ego - Tame Impala

American Pie - Don McLean
 Spacebar - Oranga Tanga
Flower Girls Variation from Don Quixote - Ludwig Minkus
reggaetones in general
Lovesick Blues - Mason Ramsey cover (this is the Walmart yodeling thing but I actually love it haha)
Helena Beat - Foster the People
Thunder - Imagine Dragons 
 Mad World - Jasmine Thompson cover
Youngblood- 5 Seconds of Summer
Sueños - Juanes
Se Vuelve Loca - CNCO
So Tied Up - Cold War Kids
On Vacation - Dirty Heads
Evita soundtrack - Andrew Lloyd Weber
Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake, & Palmer

On an unrelated note, The Blergh Youtube is coming to fruition.  For years now, people have told me I should accompany The Blergh with a Youtube channel and I've always resisted.  I am not the type of person that can pull off the "hey guys welcome back to my channel xoxo!!!"  Only recently has the concept started to sound actually fun.  Also, sadly, my generation doesn't read.  I think a lot more people will be more likely to click on a video than a blog post... but the joke's on them.  The videos will make them want to read the blog post >:) .  
I'll keep y'all updated.

World peace and love,

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