The Blergh Takes...

... Youtube!

The first video is up- a super simple nice cream recipe that I think even the picky eaters will enjoy.

What's been holding me back from Youtube...
1) I don't want to waste time- yours or mine.  There is so much more to life than zoning out to pointless videos of soap cutting or slime or, in my case, smoothies.  My hope is that my recipe videos will be useful.  It can be helpful to see a recipe being made rather than just reading the directions.  The real goal of the videos, of course, is to draw y'all to The Blergh blog.

2) I don't want this whole Youtube thing to be an "ugh, I can't believe I did that in high school."  Thankfully, this fear serves as encouragement for me to only produce content I'm proud of.  I never post anything online that I would be ashamed for anyone in the world to see- not on The Blergh, not on its Instagram or Facebook, not on my personal accounts.  I don't intend for Youtube to be any different.
Dear future me, I hope you read this without that crushing "I can't believe I would do that" feeling.

Those disclaimers were more for me than for anyone else, haha.  With that out of the way, subscribe to my Youtube, friends.

Lots of love, Heather

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