Here's How to Get Fit for the Ski Slopes - Week Workout Schedule and Fuel

I start this about six weeks out from the ski trip, but even after just one week you'll be able to fly down the slopes with improved strength and stamina.

Three years ago, I started doing a workout to get ready for my family's annual ski trip.  It really helped- I was able to ski harder runs for longer periods of time.  Not only that, but it's fun.  Fun enough that I look forward to it.  Fun enough that my family voluntarily does it, too.
When I first started, I based my workout off an article I can no longer find.  Over the years, I've edited the routine to fit what I need and want in a workout.  This year, I also pulled a couple exercises from this article.

Super Fun Ski Preparation Workout Schedule
Notes on my workout:
-I sometimes do "sumo squats" (Google it) every time it says squats here because of a dance injury, but normal squats work too.

Since the illustrations in my Lord of the Rings workout post were so highly acclaimed by art critics, I created some more for the exercises that I don't know good names for.  Enjoy.

wall sit - 1 minute
plank - 1 1/2 minute
Repeat 4x.

jumping jacks
stair steps or jogging
front-side weight raises
squat hold
45 secs each, repeat 3x.
15 minutes of other aerobic exercise, like biking, running, swimming, or dancing is recommended
front-side weight raises

rest day

1 minute jump-rope or jumping over a box
50 jumping jacks
15-30 minutes of other aerobic exercise is recommended
jumping over a box

pushups - 20 - 2x
leg side raises- 15
V-Ups - 15
burpees with jump - 15
Repeat the leg side raises, V-Ups, and burpees 3x.
15 bicycle crunches
25 squats
leg side raises

wall sit - 2 minutes
squats - 15
calf raises (relev├ęs for the ballet kids) holding weights- 15
lunges holding weights- 10 each leg
Repeat squats, calf raises, and lunges 3x
single-leg lateral leaps - 10
squats - 10
15-30 minutes of other aerobic exercise is recommended
calf raises

single-leg lateral leap

leg lifts- 25 each side
side bends with weights- 20
Repeat 3x.
side bends with weights

If you need some headbangers to urge you on in your workout, I've got the playlist for you.  If you try this, let me know in the comments, on Facebook, on Instagram, or by email!  I'll see you on the slopes.

World peace and love,

P.S. My ski helmet is beyond awesome.  If you want to see it, comment below.

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