Four Cool Artists to Start Listening to This Year

This year, break away from the radio top ten.

This Christmas was the Christmas of playlists. My brother asked that instead of Christmas gifts, we think of songs we think he would like. So, my dad and I both made him playlists to which my whole family ended up listening. In response, my sister made a playlist for me and my brother, and then my brother made a playlist inspired by that one.
Thanks to this mixtape domino effect, I got to know a lot of good, interesting music I hadn't appreciated before. I won't clarify which of the following went on which playlist, but if you can guess, you get brownie points.

Four Artists to Start Listening To This Year
Dirty Heads
Emma (@super.emazing) recommended these guys to me a while back.  I surprised at their sound because Emma's taste in music is K-pop and showtunes.  Dirty Heads are the opposite of that.  They're a little bit rock, a little bit reggae, even a little bit hip hop/pop.  Pure good vibes.  Emma started me with Vacation, a super fun song.  I also really like Lay Me Down, which is pretty different from Vacation.

Ben Levin Group
Ben Levin makes YouTube videos about music theory and guitar-y stuff, but recently, his band has put out some really great alternative rock music.  I really like Song That No One Wants to Hear.

Emerson, Lake, & Palmer
Hippie-era prog rock is my favorite genre of music, I think.  Listen to Lucky Man- if you aren't already wowed by its beauty, consider that Lake wrote it when he was twelve (my Dad told me this and I didn't fact-check it, but his information is accurate more often than I would admit).

Childish Gambino
This one is more mainstream, but I like the most recent album a lot. Redbone is cool.

Next on my "to listen to" list are The Spring and Ocean Alley. If you listen to any of the music in this post, let me know what you think in the comments below or on Instagram or Facebook. And if you have any suggestions for good music, I'd love to hear them! Rock on. 

World peace and love,

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